Cillian Murphy will return as Tommy Shelby for the Peaky Blinders feature.

Cillian Murphy will "definitely" return for the 'Peaky Blinders' film.

Steven Knight, the BBC drama's writer, has confirmed that the 'Oppenheimer' star will reprise his role as mobster Tommy Shelby in the big-screen adaptation of the drama, which will be filmed later this year

Knight told Birmingham World during the premiere of his new BBC series 'This Town' that he would absolutely return for it. 

We'll shoot it at Digbeth, just down the street, in September."

The Oscar winner's comeback as Tommy Shelby is unsurprising, given he has previously expressed his desire to play the character in a film as long as the story was of adequate quality.

Last year, Cillian stated in an interview with Rolling Stone UK that he would love to continue the story.

But it must be proper. Steve Knight wrote 36 hours of television, and we all left on a high. 

 I'm quite proud with the last series. So it would need to feel legitimate and justified to do more."

Last month, the 47-year-old actor told the Irish Star, "I have always said that if Knight delivers a script that I know he can deliver, because he is such a phenomenal writer, I'll be there." 

He told Esquire, "I know exactly what the film is about." And I know the two stories it will tell.

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