Chiefs GM Reveals Travis Kelce's Taylor Swift Game Day Routine

The Kansas City Chiefs are certainly in the Super Bowl era, and General Manager Brett Veach discussed the amazing season on John Middlekauff's "3 and Out" podcast.The Chiefs manager paid special 

 attention to Travis Kelce's recent relationship with pop icon Taylor Swift, which has sparked widespread interest on the internet. Veach acknowledges that he has yet to meet the singer, stating, "

That's the first question I get from all of my immediate friends and family."So, what is Taylor like?"I am like, 'I've never met her.'"

Amid clever plays and victories, the romance between Kelce and Swift, both 34, piqued the interest of not only fans but also members of the Chiefs' inner circle. Veach joked about his indirect interactions with Swift, 

describing Kelce's unique exemption to the standard post-game procedure. "I mean, she comes to the games and is up there (in a suite). Families frequently visit the locker room area to see the players.

Travis goes over to see her, so I've noticed her in passing."Despite the music sensation's regular attendance at games, 

including the Super Bowl victory in Las Vegas, Veach stated that she has a very low-key presence. "If you didn't go online, you would have no idea that he's in a relationship with Taylor Swift,

 he said on the Fescoe Morning Show. He went on to praise about his team's professionalism and mutual respect, which kept them entirely focused on the game. 

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