--Carrot-flavored wafers,cakes--

One of my all-time favorite spring cakes is carrot cake (forever and ever, amen). 

Growing up, my mom's friend Sigrid used to bring these deliciously spiced cakes over to the house, and I can vividly remember every single one of them.

I still prepare her dish ahead of Easter every year.  

In a similar vein, I can't stop thinking about these carrot cake bars.  

The cream cheese is swirled and baked directly into the dessert bars rather than being frosted and layered on top like a cake. 

Although it might seem like a strange step, making your own carrot cake puree results in a light, soft cake that goes well with the cream cheese batter. 

These bars are the ideal grab-and-go Easter dessert if you don't want to bother cutting and serving a complete layered cake! 

Carrot cake bars should be kept chilled in an airtight container because they are dipped in cream cheese. If properly stored, they will keep for three to four days.  

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