Cardi B threw a mic. Charity auction.

On Tuesday, Scott Fisher's mic had one $500 bid.

On Wednesday morning, the top bid was $50,000.

Nevada sound producer Fisher has 16 identical mics. Cardi B hurled the one he auctioned into a crowd on Saturday when a fan threw a drink at her during a concert. 

Millions watched Las Vegas incident videos. Fisher will donate the auction proceeds to veterans and special needs charity next week.

Fisher, 55, dubbed the mic a "piece of hip hop infamy" on eBay, but the overnight bids surprised him. He stated the concert-use Shure Axient digital mic costs roughly $2,000.

Cardi B said "somebody splash me with water" before the incident in concert videos shared online.

Videos show a fan throwing a drink at her during "Bodak Yellow." 

performer flung the mic into the audience, apparently upset that the drink got in her face.

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