Can Super Tuesday save Nikki Haley's Trump challenge?

It is possible that Nikki Haley's homecoming in South Carolina will either be the end of her campaign or the beginning of a new one. 

This campaign is trying to prevent former President Donald Trump from being on the ballot in 2024 by relying on independents who lean to the right.

In the New Hampshire primaries, Trump defeated Haley, his former ambassador to the United Nations, by around 11%. This victory came after Trump won the Iowa caucuses.

As a result, the majority of commentators, including the campaign of President Joe Biden, have referred to Trump as the unavoidable nominee for the Republican party.

However, as a result of the election that took place on Tuesday, there is a vast canyon of support for Trump among voters who are affiliated with the Republican Party and independents.

The Haley campaign is seeking to capitalize on this support before the clock runs out.

He continued by saying, "It is not about who she is." "It's about who she isn't—which is Donald Trump."

More than a dozen states will hold their primary elections on Super Tuesday, which means that Dobson, along with millions of other Americans, won't be able to cast a ballot until at least March 5th. 

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