Calico Cats, Care, and Characteristics

There is no particular breed of cat that is calico. They truly belong to domestic cat breeds and have distinctive calico, or three-color, coats. 

One calico might have the typical hues of intense orange, black, and white, while another might have a more subtle cream color blended with blue. In feline genetics, the latter is referred to as a "dilute calico."

The medium-sized domestic cat known as the calico is known for its outgoing, confident nature. 

The calico cat is normally independent and doesn't need a lot of care, yet it's also affectionate, devoted, and loyal. 

It will quickly form a bond with a single owner but will also get along with a whole family.

Although the cats most likely emerged from Egypt and were sold over the Mediterranean, no one is certain where the calico originated.

Numerous cultures' tradition holds that calico cats are lucky charms. Maneki Neko, or the waving cat, is a good luck charm popular in Japan that occasionally features calico cats.

These are commonly referred to in the US as "money cats."

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