Bryson Tiller Reveals New Album Details and Talks About Overcoming Criticism.  

It's been four years since the R&B hitmaker's last album, Anniversary, and he's ready to reintroduce himself with his new self-titled album, Bryson Tiller, out on April 5.  

"I felt like now is the time to just show people what I'm capable of," Tiller exclusively told Complex about his fourth studio album, implying that it will be largely "R&B infused" and span a wide range of creative area.  

The 31-year-old performer rose to prominence nearly a decade ago, when his single "Don't"  

Trapsoul helped carve out a new space in the genre that young artists like 4batz are now inhabiting.  

Despite Tiller's success, the journey has not been simple. His debut album Trapsoul is still well-liked by fans today, but he recalls the critical remarks that followed its release, and despite the fact that the follow-up project True   

To Self debuted at number one, he still despises it because of the decisions he took in response to the criticism.

"[True To Self] taught me why it is important to remain true to yourself, because I wasn't being true to myself on that album at all," he says.  

Tiller is much more confident by 2024. Over the last few months, he's been releasing volumes of Slum Tiller, a rap-leaning mixtape series, on SoundCloud   

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