Brunettes adore Diana's blonde highlights.

Take a cue from the Princess of Wales if you want to softly lighten your hair this summer.

Babylights, often known as blonde highlights, are ideal for all brunettes wishing to lighten their hair color, and the Princess of Wales now has them.

Kate Middleton consistently astounds us with her ability to adopt many hairstyles while adhering to royal etiquette, whether it be bouncy ponytails, exquisite updos, sleek and straight, or blown-out curls. 

This explains why searching for "Kate Middleton hairstyle" on Google has become so common. 

The monarch has been quite consistent with the cut and color of her hair for years and hardly ever changes them, despite the fact that she may modify the manner she wears it.

So it came as even more of a surprise when she recently appeared with light blonde highlights that complemented her long brunette hair flawlessly.

When it comes to aesthetic considerations, the royal family adheres to rigid protocol.

While Kate Middleton recently "broke the rules" by sporting red nail lacquer, the late Queen Elizabeth II is rumored to have once commented.

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