Brittany Mahomes Posts Throwback High School Couples Photo with Patrick, Braces and All

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes haven't changed much!

The 28-year-old mother of two posted a high school photo of herself and her husband, 28, on social media on Monday. Newer photos of the couple reenacting the identical positions were displayed alongside.

“Who knew 12 years later we would be here!” Brittany posted on Instagram Story. “This life with you,” she commented, tagging the Chiefs quarterback. 

Brittany posted the first shot from a family photo shoot last week on Instagram.

“My biggest Blessings she captioned photos of herself, Patrick, and their two children, Sterling, 3, and Patrick "Bronze" Lavon III, 16 months.ze" Lavon III, 16 months.

The crew wore white T-shirts and trousers for the shoot. 

In her Monday throwback photo, the teens appeared to be at school on game day. 

Patrick wore a football uniform as Brittany playedfully grabbed his face in bright pink. Braces were visible as Brittany smiled for the photo with another girl in the background wearing the same hue. 

Pink posts a video of a heart on a cloud to remember her late father.