Biden raises $90 million, expanding his fundraising lead over Trump.  

In March, President Joe Biden raised more than $90 million for his reelection campaign and the Democratic Party  

Republican challenger Donald Trump's total and increasing his financial lead.  

According to a statement released by Biden's campaign, the president and his party concluded March with $192   

That is more than double the $93.1 million that Trump and the Republican Party claimed they had at the end of last month.  

Biden received his highest total from small-dollar donations to date, shattering milestones set in each of the previous four months.       

The campaign increased the size of its mailing list and received twice as many responses from individuals who received its emails and texts.  

Donors with huge resources also contributed, notably the $26 million gathered by the campaign  

New York City starring Biden, former Presidents Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.  

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