Biden forgave $6 billion in student debt. This is who qualifies.

The Biden administration announced on Thursday that it is canceling over $6 billion in student debt for 77,700 borrowers. 

Those recipients will get an email from President Joe Biden informing them of their debt cancellation. 

The latest round of student loan forgiveness is open to public sector employees such as teachers

 nurses, social workers, and firefighters, according to a White House statement. 

The pardon amounts to around $77,000 per person.

Since the Supreme Court struck down the Biden administration's plan for broad-based student loan forgiveness last year

the administration has pushed to provide debt relief to nearly 4 million people through current and new loan repayment arrangements. 

Americans owe over $1.77 trillion in student debt, which some college graduates believe has made it more difficult to accomplish financial milestones such as home ownership. 

Those receiving debt forgiveness include public servants who have enrolled in the Biden administration's limited PSLF waiver

which permits public sector workers who have not previously qualified for loan relief to earn credit for past installments, according to the government. 

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