Beyoncé's Rep Defends Her After Erykah Badu Questions New Album Cover and Asks JAY-Z to Say Something

Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter is causing waves before its debut. Yvette Schure, the 32-time Grammy winner's longtime publicist,

defended the 42-year-old singer after Erykah Badu attacked the album's cover art. 

Schure posted an Instagram Reel on Wednesday showing Beyoncé's braided hairstyles throughout her career. "She kills. She kills. Now. After. Always. "#criticswithoutcredentials," Schure captioned.

The post follows Badu's Wednesday social media posts challenging Act II: Cowboy Carter's album cover. Beyoncé is naked with a ribbon around her chest and hips in Wednesday's album artwork.

‘Act II Beyincé’ is written on a white sash with blue and crimson hems. She has braided hair with red and white beads on her bangs. The mother of three clutched a lit marijuana cigarette like the Statue of Liberty.  

Reposting Beyoncé's album image on Instagram Stories on Wednesday afternoon, Badu, 53, added, “Hmmm.” This post seemed to reference Badu's love of braided hair with beaded bangs.

Badu used X (previously Twitter) to recruit JAY-Z after sharing the Story. “To Jay Z. Say something, Jay. She posted, "You gonna let this woman and these bees do this to me?" Tuesday's album art preview was followed by Wednesday's.

It was inspired "years ago." Beyoncé posted a "10-day countdown until the release" on Tuesday. After feeling unwelcome, the Lemonade singer was inspired.

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