Funny and endearing pets, Bernedoodles enjoy playing outside as much as they enjoy curling up on the couch.

They make the ideal family dog and are especially fond of kids. 

Additionally, they receive a coat that is almost hypoallergenic from their poodle parent.

A poodle and a bernese mountain dog were combined to create the 2003-era Bernedoodle.

They are very lovable and enjoy lots of cuddles from their family because they were only bred for companionship.

Bernedoodles are equally content to lounge on the couch as they are to hike with their owners. 

They are playful, energetic dogs which, although they can be stubborn as puppies, are very trainable due to their large brains.

Poodles can have a considerably larger range of coat colors than Bernese mountain dogs, who often have a uniform of black, brown, and white. 

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