Because You Can Buy Tickets for Strangers, "Sound of Freedom" Is Doing Well.

"Sound of Freedom" made $14.2 million in a single day upon its release on July 4. 

The film's success can be attributed to several factors: underserved religious audiences, support from right-wing pundits and Donald Trump, and a favorable release date after "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny." 

Angel Studios introduced the "Pay It Forward" initiative, allowing fans to buy tickets for strangers who couldn't afford them. 

$2.6 million of the film's earnings came from people overpaying through the Pay It Forward ticket sales. 

Over 200,000 individual contributors participated in buying additional tickets, with a goal of selling 2 million tickets in the first week. 

The film aims to raise awareness about child trafficking, with Angel Studios claiming to have sold 1.4 million tickets already, representing the number of trafficked children each year. 

Angel Studios had to scale up its servers due to a surge in support after the film's release on July 4. 

"Sound of Freedom" is distributed by Angel Studios, a faith-based distributor focused on producing and distributing content aligned with religious values. 

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