"Barbie" $155M, "Oppenheimer" $80.5M.

"Barbie" film, directed by Greta Gerwig, achieves historic $155M domestic opening, typically reserved for male-driven superhero or major IP movies.

The film surpassed expectations, fueling one of the biggest box office weekends ever.

Overseas success with $182M from 70 markets, reaching a global total of $337M against a $145M budget.

Record-breaking opening for Warner Bros. in major markets like Mexico, Brazil, and Australia.

Strong showing in the UK, the biggest for the studio since the pandemic began.

Barbie exceeded expectations in China, grossing $8.2M.

The movie's success attributed to a female-driven storyline and the popularity of the iconic fashion doll.

The weekend's box office results contributed to a booming summer box office performance.

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