Azealia Banks takes aim at Beyoncé's 'Cowboy Carter' album cover and title.  

The cover art for Beyoncé's new album Cowboy Carter has sparked some interesting debate, most notably from Harlem rapper Azealia Banks.   

The opinionated MC came to Instagram Stories on Tuesday to teach us all a lesson in cultural criticism.  

First, Banks criticises the album's title, writing, "Wow, didn't we try to put even a little effort into a more artistic title  

Some admirers think it's a play on words. Carter is obviously her last name from her marriage to rapper/businessman Sean Carter, aka Jay-Z  

Banks then questions the cover's entire style, asking, "How u switch from baobab trees and black parade to this literal pick me stuff  

The Gift soundtrack, which she executive produced in 2019. All of the Americana imagery appears to be too obvious for Banks and misses the message  

"white woman cosplay" and "reinforcing the false rhetoric that country music is a post-Civil War white art form."  

And then supporting the idea that there is no racism, segregation, slavery, murder, robbery, massacres, plagues, grandiose destiny madness that constitute the foundations of epithets like 'happy to be an American,' or 'God bless the USA.'" 

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