Attorney: 'Clear' Evidence Joe Biden Lied in Impeachment Probe

Jonathan Turley, a legal commentator and attorney, said President Joe Biden's impeachment investigations show "clear" proof of lying.

A 221-212 party-line vote in December authorized an impeachment investigation into Joe Biden in the House. 

Republicans claim that Biden inappropriately supported his son's business activities while vice president under Barack Obama, profiting from it. 

 President denies involvement in Hunter's commercial affairs. 

In a letter Thursday, Republican Rep. James Comer suggested Biden go before the committee on April 16

Bobulinski and Galanis testified last week that the president helped Hunter Biden's enterprises.

The letter from Comer is "clear" Biden misled about his son's financial dealings during his campaign and presidency

stated George Washington University law professor Turley on his website on Friday.

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