After Three Weeks, "The Flash" Breaks Domestic Box Office Record

After 19 days of release, "The Flash" has achieved a significant milestone by joining the $100 million club at the domestic box office. 

Domestically, the film has accumulated $101 million, and internationally it has garnered an additional $146 million, but its global earnings have not yet surpassed $250 million. 

With a production budget exceeding $200 million, not including marketing expenses, "The Flash" faces the challenge of recouping its investment. 

Despite being hailed by co-chair James Gunn as one of the greatest superhero movies, "The Flash" experienced a lackluster domestic opening weekend, with only $55 million in earnings. 

Audience interest in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) seems to be dwindling, as the last three franchise films, including "The Flash," have underperformed at the box office. 

The production of "The Flash" was marred by difficulties, including multiple director changes, before Andy Muschietti took charge. 

Ken Jennings praised the "Jeopardy!" writers and expressed hope for the strike to be resolved soon so that they can return and the show can continue in the fall. 

Negative publicity surrounding Ezra Miller's personal troubles further impacted the film's promotion, with limited involvement from Miller during the marketing campaign. 

Despite Warner Bros.' extensive efforts to promote "The Flash," they underestimated the waning interest in previous DCEU films.