After releasing an Instagram video about her drinking, fans branded Jennifer Lopez callous to husband Ben Affleck's alcoholism.

Jennifer Lopez's lengthy Instagram video promoting her cocktail line drew criticism. They said the singer and actress was insensitive to her husband Ben Affleck's alcoholism.

The 53-year-old actress posted the video to Instagram on Tuesday, ahead of Hamptons July 4 festivities. In the 8-minute footage, Lopez takes a selfie in her car.  

And says she woke up early to "sneak out" and fetch Delola, her April-launched low-calorie sparkling beverage. After months of criticism for saying she didn't drink, Lopez defended the remark in the video.

Lopez admitted in the video that she didn't drink "for a long time," but she's enjoyed the occasional cocktail during the previous decade. "I do drink responsibly." She assured followers she doesn't "drink to get shitfaced" but to "be social and have a  

Nice time."Lopez visits a Hamptons liquor store and buys several Delola bottles. She engages customers and encourages them to try it. Some users praised Lopez's marketing stunt, but others were confused and. 

Alarmed by her seemingly flippant attitude towards drinking and wondered why she started an alcohol-based business.

Commenter "Why not respect your husband's sobriety?" Another viewer said, "So awkward when she talks about drinking responsibly and. 

Not getting shit faced knowing her husband suffers from alcoholism for years," a top remark with over 600 likes.

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