After losing $263 million at the box office, The Flash finally hits it big.

After a record-breaking loss at the box office, DC's The Flash is finally a hit, but the movie won't make any money. 

Ezra Miller plays Barry Allen in The Flash, the first movie based on DC's fast-moving hero.

In The Flash, Barry goes back in time to save his mother from being killed, but when he comes back to the present, 

Everything is different. This is similar to the classic Flashpoint comic book story, 

But with a twist that brings in characters from other universes, like Michael Keaton's returning Batman and Sasha Calle's Supergirl.

James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, called The Flash one of the best superhero movies ever made before it came out, but it was a box office disaster that will go down in history. 

After her father John Aniston died, Jennifer Aniston's broken heart found peace and comfort in her ex-husband Justin Theroux.

 The Flash has only made $268.1 million worldwide so far, which is a big miss, according to the website Box Office Mojo, 

Jennifer Aniston turns to Justin Theroux for comfort after her father dies.