Aaron Taylor-Johnson Discusses 'Bizarre' Interest in 23-Year Age Gap With His Wife  

While fans wait to hear if he has landed the part of James Bond, Aaron Taylor  

Johnson is taking the time to address the ongoing debate around his marriage to filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson, who is 23 years his older  

Aaron and Sam met while working on the 2009 John Lennon movie "Nowhere Boy," when Aaron was 18 and Sam was 41.  

In 2010, they welcomed their first daughter, Wylda Rae. They married in 2012, the same year that Romy Hero, their second daughter, was born.  

Aaron Taylor-Johnson spoke to Rolling Stone UK on the public's interest with his 12-year marriage.  

"What you gotta realise," he was quoted as saying by the newspaper, "is that what most people were doing in their 20s, I was doing when I was 13."  

He went on to say, "Are you doing something too quickly for someone else?" I don't comprehend that.   

Not surprisingly, the "Kick-Ass" and "Nocturnal Animals" actor has been asked about the age gap several times throughout his career.  

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