Aaron Rodgers has long supported anti-LGBTQ evangelicals.  

Aaron Rodgers has a history of connection with and support for two evangelical organizations with alleged anti-LGBTQ+ practices, according to a series of videos and old interviews.  

The organizations did not openly participate in anti-LGBTQ+ campaigning, and there is no evidence that Rodgers knew  

about or supported their internal policy. He has spoken up on favor of LGBTQ+ persons several times throughout the years.  

Rodgers, a four-time NFL MVP as a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers who currently plays for the New York Jets, came under severe scrutiny this week after being named  

to independent presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s short list of running mates. Rodgers made a statement on March 14 in response to CNN's story  

that he had shared conspiracy theories regarding the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting and other major news events years ago.  

According to various interviews and videos in which Rodgers appeared after becoming an NFL player, he was still engaged with an organization called Young Life, which he joined while in school,  

as recently as 2014. The organization is known for programs and events that put a youthful, joyful spin on evangelical Christianity.  

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