A Look Back: Taylor Swift's Love Affair With Skater Skirts

You've got that red lip, classic thing that we like: a simple black skater skirt with an elastic, wide waistband that goes with everything.

 Swift's love of the flowing bottom got stronger as she transitioned into her coordinated separates, which would become her post-gym hallmark.

The tops may vary, but Swift stays true to her skater skirt—no matter how suggestive of wide-pleated school uniforms it is.

A transitional skater skirt does exist: Taylor's corduroy mini works well in a cooler environment.

Simply smile and wave, Taylor. Smile and wave.

Swift's ASOS outfit exudes a back-to-school vibe with a checkered skirt, knee-high socks, and loafers.

BRANDY MELVILLE Make that skirt swish, Taylor.

Shaking it off is considerably more enjoyable when your skirt has some flow to it.

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