A guide to Nashville for new visitors and Beyoncé enthusiasts: Music City's six jewels  

The recent release of "Cowboy Carter" seems to be a revival of country music, piqueing the curiosity of listeners who had not previously been exposed to the style  

Those listeners are undoubtedly thinking about visiting Nashville, the center of country music.  

This vibrant restaurant and honky-tonk is regarded as Lower Broadway's first bar and restaurant with an artist theme run by women.  

The Tex-Mex restaurant is named after the multi-platinum country music artist Miranda Lambert, whose success is highlighted along with her Texas heritage.  

One Saturday afternoon, I dropped by to try on some of the bedazzled items and chat with Musto, who called his partnership with Lupton "our Sasha Fierce.  

The hive is aware, of course, that this alludes to Beyoncé's persona.  

The Grand Ole Opry House, a 4,400-seat theater in the Opryland region, has been the home of the radio program. It regularly presents many concerts with some of the biggest names and up-and-coming talents in country music.  

"I just want to talk about Black culture in general, because that's where country music began," he stated. "We must always give a nod of appreciation to the individuals  

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