7 First Steps in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Most of Link's talents from Breath of the Wild return here. TotK's new skills are worth trying on Great Sky Island. 

Learn to use Link's motion

Zelda 101. Since the 1980s, pots, grasses, rocks, and more have hidden items. Smashing them open for a few rupees or hearts is always worth it. As in BotW, weapons degrade and break over time, making players wary. 

Break Thing 

In addition to rupees and hearts, TotK gives fruits to produce warming/cooling dishes to guard against the environment (and elemental arrows), Brightbloom seeds to light the dark caverns, and Bomb Flowers to get bombs, similar in Ocarina of Time. 

Pick everything up 

Big, expansive worlds are beautiful, but without speedy travel, they may be a hassle. Otherwise, players would side-hop everywhere. Players can gain horses without finishing races. 

Hire a Horse and Go Exploring

Players can use many stones to construct elemental weaponry. Some gamers save ambers, rubies, and diamonds for late-stage goodies. 

Save the Zonaite by selling the gems. 

Gems and Zonaite are best found in the Depths, but Gloom makes it dangerous. On contact, they corrupt Link's max hearts, lowering food and item healing. 

Beware of the Dread 

In a pinch, players can use Ascend to return to the surface and regenerate all their hearts. If the player feels as though they have taken on too much during their. 

Fleeing Isn't Shameful 

Exploration of the Depths, it serves as a kind of emergency exit. After all, they are significantly more difficult to explore than Hyrule or the Sky. 

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