49ers could still be involved in the Aaron Rodgers trade

According to Rodgers, he plans to play for the Jets in the upcoming season. Considering how long he had been hinting at permanently leaving Lambeau Field, this was hardly a shocking revelation. 

Though it is widely anticipated that Aaron Rodgers will play for the New York Jets, the San Francisco 49ers may still have an interest in the player.

For some weeks now, the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets have been debating whether to deal Aaron Rodgers. All around the league, though, anticipates that they will finally sort things out.  

There haven't, however, been any significant developments in this case. For this reason, several NFL experts think we shouldn't jump to judgments and rule out the San Francisco 49ers as a team that could sign him. 

"The 49ers may pursue Aaron Rodgers if the Packers-Jets trade goes through; they have two third-round picks this year and a first-round pick in 2024 available. 

In this context, the 49ers are an interesting team to bring up. The 49ers were the ones who contacted the Packers the day before the draft two years ago to inquire about trading Aaron Rodgers to San Francisco.   

The Packers declined right away. The details of that last-minute endeavor became public as draft day approached. 

It has been speculated more recently that the Packers would want not to deal Rodgers to any other NFC team—moreover, not the 49ers. 

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