3 Of Kelly Clarkson's Best Country Covers  

Kellyoke portions, which open each episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, are a mainstay.   

"Carrying Your Love With Me" by George Strait.  

This is a classic country love song by the legendary George Strait, and Kelly Clarkson's version had her fans clamouring for a country album.   

"I Was Wrong" by Chris Stapleton  

Chris Stapleton's vocal style is so distinct that it's difficult to do an accurate version of his songs. Kelly Clarkson isn't America's first idol for nothing.  

"Save me" by Jelly Roll  

This is the cover of "Save Me" that moved Jelly Roll to tears, as he stated on the YouTube video. "This may be the most honoured I've ever felt," he remarked in an email.   

For this rendition, Kelly Clarkson largely sticks in her higher register, bringing the lyrics to life with sheer emotion.  

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