US Presidential Election: Why Trump will lose 2024

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The first two state primaries held by the Republican Party in preparation for the selection of the party’s candidate for the presidential election in the United States, which is scheduled to take place in November of this year, have been won by Donald Trump with a substantial margin. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who served as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations during the time that Donald Trump was in the White House, is the only other person who is still involved in this conflict. Everyone else has decided to withdraw.

Primaries are held in every state in the United States political system. The purpose of these primaries is to select the candidate that party members believe would be the most qualified to run for president. Different parties and different states each have their own unique set of procedures. New Hampshire, for instance, is one of the few states that enables independents and Republicans to vote in the party primary, in contrast to the majority of other states.

With the exception of a black swan event that takes place in the following months, it is almost inevitable that Donald Trump will be the candidate for the Republican nomination for president. In addition to this, it is highly probable that he will be defeated by Joe Biden, who is eighty years old.

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Based on the results of numerous polls, it has been continuously demonstrated that the majority of Americans do not believe that Biden possesses the cognitive capacity to serve as president. According to the results of a poll conducted by CNN in August 2023, an astounding eighty-two percent of Democrats and independents who lean Democratic favored “just someone besides Joe Biden” to carry the nomination for the party. This, however, is the case. Indeed, Biden is the nominee.
When will Trump be defeated? The answer is straightforward: the number of people in the United States who despise him is extremely high, and it does not make a difference whether or not they believe that Biden is qualified for a second term.

Trump received 54.3 percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary, while Haley received 43.2 percent of the vote. However, forty percent of independents cast their ballots for Haley. This is a very important statistical finding. A Gallup poll conducted in 2023 found that 28 percent of American voters consider themselves to be Republicans, while another 17 percent consider themselves to be independents who lean toward the Republican Party. The numbers that correlate to the Democratic Party are not significantly different from one another.

Without the support of independents who lean Republican, Trump will not be able to win the election. It’s possible that they have no feelings for Biden, but if a significant number of them choose to abstain from voting on election day just because they do not want Trump to return, then his destiny is already decided. There is also a tiny but considerable number of Republicans who are considering themselves “never-Trumpers.” These individuals would rather die than vote for him. In addition, a significant number of independents who lean Democratic, even if they are dissatisfied with the present president, are likely to vote for Biden in order to defeat Trump.

As a matter of course, the most logical strategy for Trump would be to reassure and win over independents who support either his party or something else. It is possible that the independent vote played a significant role in his win in the election that took place in 2016. He received a greater number of votes from independents than Hillary Clinton did. This time, however, it is possible that Trump is driving away a significant number of them with his erratic and generally unpleasant behavior.

Following the New Hampshire primaries, the majority of his victory speech consisted of nothing but pure hatred thrown against Haley. A great number of voters who were on the fence about Trump and had not yet made up their minds about him would have been shocked. Numerous times throughout the course of his current campaign, he has given the impression of being a man who is completely deranged by his megalomania, his unbridled hatred for everybody who disagrees with him, and his insatiable need for vengeance.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that he is feeling resentful. Throughout the entirety of his administration, he was subjected to persistent allegations from Democrats and the liberal mainstream media that he was a “asset with Russian connections.” At the end of the day, there was no proof discovered to support this claim. In its place, evidence was discovered that suggests high officers of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may have been involved in the dissemination of the hypothesis.

A week before the election in 2020, the daily New York Post released a report about mail exchanges and documents that were purportedly discovered on the hard drive of a laptop that Hunter, the son of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden, had misplaced. During the time that his father, Joe Biden, was serving as vice president, the data indicated that Hunter had made millions of dollars through questionable business transactions with questionable Chinese and Ukrainian companies. The FBI was successful in getting social media companies to conceal the story. The discoveries might have had an impact on the outcome of the election if they had been permitted to be exposed in the normal course of events. It is now clear to us that the information that was reported in the Post was accurate.

In addition, the administration of Vice President Joe Biden and state governments that are led by the Democratic Party have filed multiple criminal proceedings against Donald Trump. Trump asserts that all of these prosecutions are politically motivated. There is even an effort being made by two states to remove Donald Trump from the presidential ballot entirely.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that Trump believes he is a victim of the entrenched political system in Washington, DC, which he referred to as “the swamp” during his campaign for the presidency in 2016 and which he pledged to “drain.” However, his daily ranting and tasteless social media posts attacking anyone and everyone, including leaders of his own party, are not helping his cause very much. The only exception to this is, of course, among his devoted followers, many of whom, in any case, believe that he was the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president. At a time when Joe Biden has a great deal of weaknesses in his defenses.

The powerful American army evacuated Afghanistan in 2021 under the leadership of Vice President Joe Biden, being pursued by Taliban militia members who were wearing sandals. The government’s massive spending spree has been a contributing factor, at least in part, to the high rate of inflation. On its southern border, the country is currently dealing with a very significant situation involving illegal migrants. It would appear that radical wokes have taken control of a significant portion of the educational system, ranging from kindergartens to universities, which has resulted in significant social fractures. For a war that Ukraine is not currently winning, more than one hundred billion dollars of taxpayer money has been spent as aid to Ukraine. This aid is being provided for a conflict that Ukraine is not currently winning. Additionally, there is the Hunter Biden controversy.

Over the course of his public appearances, Joe Biden has, on occasion, given the impression of being bewildered and even incoherent.

Despite this, the individuals who are often considered to be part of what Trump referred to as the “swamp” feel at ease with Biden. Just for a second, make the assumption that Trump’s allegations are accurate. An elderly man who is experiencing deterioration in both his physical and mental health and who is easy to manipulate would be ideal for the swamp to have in the White House, correct? It is possible that Kamala Harris may become president if he leaves. She is not even close to being a rocket scientist, and with the exception of her own personal ambition, she does not appear to have any particular beliefs or ideologies.

The Democratic Party has come to the conclusion, in a very astute manner, that Trump can be utilized as the most effective campaigner for Biden. In point of fact, it is a desire for Trump to be the Republican candidate since it is simple to portray him as a monster due to the irresponsible behavior that he has displayed in the past. The message will be made public by the mainstream media in the United States, practically all of which is vehemently opposed to Trump.

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It would appear that the plan is for Biden to avoid running a full-fledged campaign across the entire country and to avoid participating in any presidential debates. This is due to the fact that these activities have the potential to reveal his age-related and other shortcomings. During the time that Trump is going on a rampage across the country, making crazy claims and alienating people, he will continue to adhere to his already light work schedule and will be prevented from making an excessive number of public appearances.

Wouldn’t you rather have a slightly dotty old man as your president than someone who goes around saying insulting things all the time and no one knows who or what will be his next target? That is the fundamental question that your campaign for Vice President Joe Biden will ask.

It is possible that the “swamp” that Trump accuses of sabotaging him may emerge victorious once more if he does not refrain from expressing his anger and portray himself as a reasonable and trustworthy individual. The fact that Joe Biden was “not Trump” was the primary factor that led to his win in the 2020 election. That very same quality has the potential to earn him a second term.

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