Travis Kelce reacts to Taylor Swift’s online support

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Fans noticed that Taylor Swift liked a post on Instagram that praised Travis Kelce’s NFL record, demonstrating that the Swifties are unable to be fooled by just about anything. In the most recent episode of his podcast titled “New Heights,” Kelce discussed Swift’s online support he received.
There is no denying the fact that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are in a romantic relationship. The fact that Kelce is pretty taken with the pop diva is something that he has made abundantly obvious.

In the beginning, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs did not have much success in his endeavor to court the singer. Over the course of his “New Heights” podcast, which he co-hosts with his brother Jason Kelce, he revealed that he was unable to give Taylor Swift his phone number when she was performing at one of her shows. On the other hand, it appears like their relationship is flourishing at the moment.

The following is a compilation of everything that Kelce has said about Swift up to this point in their relationship, which is still developing.
The Chiefs, led by Kelce, call Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, their home field for their home games. When Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” made a stop at Arrowhead in July 2023, Kelce was present, and he devised a scheme to provide the singer with his phone number.

Travis Kelce reacts to Taylor Swift’s online support

Friendship bracelets were a common sight at the “Eras Tour,” as attendees distributed personalized versions of the bracelets, which were inspired by a song lyric. On the episode of “New Heights” that aired on July 26, Kelce said that he had produced a friendship bracelet with his digits on it, but she did not receive it.

My disappointment stems from the fact that she does not engage in conversation either before or after her performances since she must conserve her voice for the 44 songs that she sings. As a result, I was a little disappointed that I was unable to present her with one of the bracelets that I had crafted for her,” he explained.

Kelce stated that he still had a great time at the concert, despite the fact that he was disappointed.

The fact that she does not meet anyone, or at the very least, she did not want to meet me, caused me to take it personally. On the other hand, it was a great display,” he expressed.
A reporter from the NFL Network questioned Kelce about Swift during an interview that took place on August 2, 2023. As soon as the tight end started giggling.

In his response, he explained, “I said what I said,” referring to the previous comment he had made regarding the friendship bracelet. “And when I said it, I meant what I thought I was saying.”

After that, Kelce played coy and declined to comment on any purported romantic relationship.

You are aware of what? The situation is exactly as it is. My private life is not going to be discussed in this article. I am aware of what you desire to hear, you authors. This is something that you are interested in hearing more about, but I am not going to offer you anything,” he replied.
The revelation that Kelce had extended an invitation to Swift to attend a Kansas City Chiefs game was made public during an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” on September 21.

Travis Kelce reacts to Taylor Swift’s online support

The ball is now in her court, as I put it. “I told her that I’ve seen you rock a stage in Arrowhead, and you might have to watch me rock the stage at Arrowhead,” he said. “I’ve seen you rock a stage in Arrowhead.” In the not too distant future, we will observe what transpires.

It was the first of several stadium appearances that she made, and she ended up attending the game on September 24. Swift was praised by Kelce for attending his football game over the weekend, which was included on the episode of his podcast that was broadcast on September 27.

One of the things that he said was, “Shout out to Taylor for pulling up that was pretty ballsy.” The fact that everyone in the suite had nothing but positive things to say about her was something that I found to be very breathtaking. I’m referring to the family and friends, right? It was a sight to behold. To add insult to injury, the day went off without a hitch for Chiefs fans, of course, and everyone was talking about her in a positive light.
Kelce provided the following comment when he was asked about the amount of time he had been spending with Swift and how he is dealing with the attention that he is receiving from the paparazzi during a press conference on October 6.

I feel like I was on top of the world after the Super Bowl, and right now I feel even more on top of the world. As all the attention arrives, I feel like I am on top of the world. He stated that it is enjoyable.

Kelce continued by saying that he is “rolling with” all of the heightened attention that he is receiving from fans as well as members of mainstream media.

“We are gaining experience at the hands of the paparazzi by just capturing photographs from various locations. On the other hand, it is something that is a part of it,” he stated. When it comes to Taylor, you have a lot of individuals who care about her for a good cause. Keeping living, learning, and taking pleasure in the present is all that is required of you. At the end of the day, I’ve always been fairly excellent at compartmentalizing my thoughts and being able to maintain my concentration in this building.

Travis Kelce reacts to Taylor Swift’s online support

A portion of Kelce’s father’s time was spent in the box with Taylor Swift during one of Swift’s appearances at a Kansas City Chiefs game. When asked about their interaction, the tight end mentioned that he was anxious and discussed it on his podcast.

Kelce joked about his father having a conversation with Swift, saying, “This is a terrifying conversation.” I was in a dismal state. I had a really bad feeling about Taylor.

Kelce stated that he has the “best f— dad in the world” and went on to add that his father was “just absolutely pumping (Swift) up.” This occurred despite the fact that Kelce was made fun of.

According to what he claimed, “He started listening to her music a little bit more.”
It was seen that Kelce, while accompanying Swift on one of his trips in New York City, took over for a security officer and opened the door for the singer. Many people on social media were eager to speculate on whether or not the football player had pushed the security guy or merely bumped him. An episode of Kelce’s podcast was dedicated to discussing the subject matter.

According to him, “I did not push him.” It was my intention to let the gentleman know that I was following him by placing my hand on his back. In the event that I had pushed him, it is highly likely that he would have turned around and sedated me.

Kelce continued by praising Swift’s security crew for their efforts.They are wonderful, that much I can assure you of. They are wonderful. “They are decent individuals,” he stated. Kelce went on to say that he does enjoy giving protection to the person he is dating.

When I’m out on a date, I seem to constantly have the feeling that I’m a male in the circumstance. This is something that I experience every time. I am a guardian in nature. Yes, without a doubt. According to what he said, “I guess you always kind of have that feeling or that self-awareness.”

Travis Kelce reacts to Taylor Swift’s online support

During the international leg of Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” in November, Kelce caught a flight to Buenos Aires to witness Swift’s performance. The way in which the football player responded to the fact that she altered the words of her song “Karma” to include a reference to him was unforgettable.

A video of the event was captured by Javi Gutiérrez, a reporter in Argentina, and he shared it with Following the hearing of the following words, Kelce can be seen in the video clip smiling, clapping, and blowing a kiss at the stage. The lyrics read, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs / Coming straight home to me.”
Travis Kelce is appreciative of the support he receives from his girlfriend!

In the most recent episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, which is a podcast that Travis Kelce, who is 34 years old, recorded with his brother Jason Kelce, yelled out to Taylor Swift for celebrating his recent breakthrough in the National Football League.

Swift, who is 33 years old, went to great lengths to show her love for her man, Travis, who made history on Sunday by becoming the fastest tight end in the history of the National Football League to surpass 11,000 receiving yards.
This past Monday, the pop singer liked a post on Instagram that was made by Travis’ team, the Kansas City Chiefs, in which they celebrated breaking the record.

And as they were talking about Travis’ album and Swift’s display of support on their podcast, Jason, who is 36 years old, made the following observation: “You might not care about records, but you know who does, a 92 percent girl by the name of Taylor Swift.” You have it right. She expressed her approval of an announcement made by the Chiefs on Instagram regarding your breaking of this record.
Ok, let’s go on. “Thank you, Tay,” Travis said in response, even as he laughed at the remark made by his sibling.

Jason, a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, made a witty remark, “Gotta love the support.” Is it true that she has always been a booster of receiving yards for tight ends? When it comes to receiving yards, is she a big tight end fan?
In addition to their hectic occupations, the newlyweds Travis and Swift have been juggling their romance with their own careers. During Travis’s NFL bye week, he recently traveled to Argentina to witness the “Karma” singer perform on her Eras Tour. While he was there, the two were seen kissing backstage.

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