Timeline of Outlander Described

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Claire Randall unintentionally enters a Highlands stone circle and travels 200 years back in time, starting the Outlander storyline. The series shows that Claire will meet others who have discovered the stones’ mysteries and return to her own time and back again, eventually having her daughter follow. The Outlander novel series by Diana Gabaldon has some “rules” concerning magic stone time travel. Travelers will end up 200 years in the past dependent on their time.The speed of time and character aging are constant.Outlander Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, How to Watch, Jamie's Son  Cast - Parade

Travelers can stop at multiple locations around the world and end up at the same area in the other timeline. Gemstones are used to securely pass through stones, and some believe sacrifice is required. With all this time travel, Outlander’s narrative is confusing, especially as the series chronicles Claire’s story from both realities.

Despite time travel, seasons 5 and 6 generally stay static, leading to Outlander season 7.Season 1’s Outlander chronology has only two time periods and few time hops. Claire and Frank reunite after WWII in the 1940s. When they visit Scotland, Claire unintentionally steps through the stones into the past. She stays with locals, including Jaime Fraser.

Spring 1945: Claire and Frank Randall return to Scotland to rekindle their romance. Claire and Frank witness several local ladies performing a magical/druidic ritual at a stone circle (Craigh Na Dun) during Beltane (May 1). Claire returns to the circle to explore a plant she observed and is miraculously transported back in time.Outlander ending confirmed as Starz announces final season

Claire awakens by the stones on May 2, 1743. Jack Randall’s ancestor, a redcoat, tries to kidnap her, but locals save her. Claire goes to Clan McKenzie’s Castle Leoch. At Castle Leoch, she learns about the Jacobite rebellion and meets Geillis, a wise woman, and Laoghaire, a young woman who wants Jamie. Jamie marries Claire to protect her from the Redcoats.Summer 1743: Claire flees their wedding to return to the stones and her own time. Jack Randall kidnaps her and nearly assaults her before Jamie saves her.

October 1743: Claire and Geillis are accused of witchcraft in Outlander. Both ladies are nearly burned at the stake, but Jamie saves Claire and leaves Geillis. Claire tells Jamie about her background and stays when he offers to transport her to the stones safely.

The Redcoats betray Jamie and imprison him at Wentworth Prison in winter 1743 while Claire and Jamie are at Lallybroch, his family home. He is tortured and sentenced to death by Jack Randall, but Claire saves him.Spring 1945 reprise: In post-war Scotland, Frank Randall searches for his wife, but the police presume she fled.

Outlander' Season 7: Everything to Know

Claire and Jamie move to France in season 2 to stop the Jacobite insurrection and the massacre Claire foresees. However, Jamie must appear to support Bonnie Prince Charlie, therefore they must do this covertly. Claire and Jamie fail to end the conflict and return to Scotland to minimize the damage.

January 1744: Claire tells Jamie she is pregnant and heals his physical and emotional wounds from Wentworth Prison.

Claire and Jamie visit France in February 1744.

Claire and Jamie enter Prince Charles’ circle in spring/summer 1744. Jamie hires a young lad named Fergus and discovers Jack Randall is alive. After Randall attacks Fergus in Paris, Jamie challenges him to a fight, is imprisoned, and Claire miscarries.August–December 1745: Jamie receives a letter from Charles Stuart declaring he is King and going to Scotland. The Jacobites initially conquered cities. Jamie and Claire help wounded travelers.

April 1746: Culloden. Jamie fights in the battle but returns Claire to the stones to protect her. Again pregnant, she passes through sobbing. Jamie fights despite knowing he will lose.

Claire returns to the 1940s two months pregnant and sad in April 1948. Frank stays when she returns, surprising her. He gets a teaching job at Harvard, so they move to Boston to raise her child as Frank’s.

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