The Marvels’ Team Finally Keeps Its Promise Regarding the Spider-Man Civil War

As has been hinted at since Captain America: Civil War, the Marvels three will bring the team aspect to the MCU that has been missing. The fresh blood being shown the ropes by an experienced leader is a tried and true team dynamic in any story. Since major studios now make money off of superhero team-up films, this tactic is especially useful in the superhero genre. This dynamic was hinted at in Civil War thanks to Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man, but it has the ability to really shine in The Marvels.Peter Parker was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War, when it was established that he would be Tony Stark’s protege. Peter, still getting used to his new abilities, tags along with Tony to a superhero combat, where he gets to rub elbows with the much more seasoned Avengers.

Unfortunately, Peter’s refusal to join the Avengers and his subsequent temporary death in the Snap led directly to Iron Man’s own death not long after Parker returned, thus the opportunity was never fully exploited. That’s why The Marvels trio is the perfect opportunity for the MCU to finally capitalize on a younger hero dynamic that’s common in the comics but has never been explored before. Kamala Khan is shown in Ms. Marvel as a typical high school sophomore.

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Though she gains some comfort with her newfound abilities by the series’ conclusion, she still has a long way to go before she fully masters the power she inherited. The Marvels served as a stepping stone to her future in the MCU as a youthful hero who can learn among her peers.


Kamala will get to shadow her superhero idol, Carol Danvers, and learn from Monica Rambeau, who has far more experience in the industry than Kamala does.With Iron Man’s death in Avengers: Endgame, the MCU was unable to fully realize the potential of the relationship teased in Civil War between Spider-Man and Iron Man. The MCU’s Spider-Man story needed to go in this path, but it was disappointing that we wouldn’t get to witness the interesting dynamic of a teenage hero working with an older crew. The way Kamala was introduced in Ms. Marvel suggests that she will be an excellent protagonist for this kind of story. Still a teenager, she has a bright future ahead of her among the extremely seasoned Avengers, and her relationship with Captain Marvel in The Marvels can serve as a parallel to the potential development of Spider-Man’s character.


Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, and America Chavez are just a few of the younger characters to be featured in the MCU’s Phases 5 and 6. With games like Agatha: Coven of Chaos and Ironheart on the horizon, there’s plenty of room for even more players. The MCU series will likely strive to include more of the Young Avengers, who might become future Avengers, along with the more seasoned heroes. As the older Avengers begin to leave, these up-and-coming heroes will be able to take the reins of their own Young Avengers squad.

In bringing Kamala, Monica, and Carol together as The Marvels, the MCU may experiment with examining the role of younger heroes in superhero teams, while also providing Kamala with a great opportunity to learn from the more seasoned adults. Although The Marvels is the first true investigation of this dynamic in the MCU, it will likely not be the last. Given the next roster of young heroes that have lately been announced, this makes the movie and its reception secretly more crucial.

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