The 7 Best Champagnes to Pop This New Year’s Eve

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On New Year’s Eve, it is appropriate to rejoice in your accomplishments, and many of us also take this opportunity to reflect on the aspects of our lives in which we believe we may improve. It never hurts to give yourself a little self-evaluation, but try not to be too hard on yourself; instead, make sure to acknowledge what you have accomplished in the year 2023. As we celebrate this holiday, we also use this opportunity to look forward to the new year, which we hope will be the best year of your life. Therefore, in order to commemorate the turning of the clock in a stately manner, you ought to enjoy the occasion with a magnificent Champagne. A Blanc de Blancs that is created with one hundred percent Chardonnay, some bottles that are not vintage, and a few single vintage bottles that were produced by top-tier companies in the best years are all featured in this collection. There is no way that a selection of bubbly would be considered complete if it did not include a pair of pink sparklers for those individuals who enjoy living the American dream. Continue reading to learn about our top seven Champagnes to celebrate the year 2024.

Champagne Telmont 2017 is a French Champagne that is a Reserve de la Terre Champagne.

Champagne Telmont 2017 Réserve de la Terre Champagne France

Henri Lhôpital established the House of Telmont in 1912, and according to current projections, it is on track to achieve climate positivity by the year 2030, which means it will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and emissions produced, and it will achieve net positivity by the year 2050. A total of 66 percent Chardonnay and 34 percent Pinot Meunier are included in the composition of the 2017 Réserve de la Terre, which is produced in accordance with organic principles. In order to prepare the palate for the flavors of candied lemon, marzipan, and fresh almonds, the aromas of toasted hazelnut, crushed violet, and yellow currant first set the stage.

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Vintage champagne from the Palmer & Co. collection was released in 1997. (France)

Palmer & Co Champagne 1997 Collection Vintage Champagne France

Trépail, Villers-Marmery, Chigny-les-Roses, Ludes, and Rilly-la-Montagne are among the Premier Crus that contribute grapes to this wonderful vintage Champagne. Mailly and Verzenay are among the Grand Crus that contribute grapes to this Champagne. The aroma is dominated by fruit, with notes of candied pineapple, Granny Smith apple, and freshly baked pie crust. The tastes include dried apricot, crème caramel, and a hint of lime zest in the finish. The nose is fruit dominant. Despite the fact that it is 26 years old, this interesting Champagne is at its peak drinking quality right now; nevertheless, if you so want, it can be stored for several decades.


Brut Rosé Champagne from France, produced by Ruinart, NV Champagne

Ruinart NV Champagne Brut Rosé Champagne France

The iconic bottle shape that Ruinart has been employing since the 18th century dates back to the year 1764, when the company was established. The aromas of cherry, raspberry, and pomegranate can be found in this delicious rosé, which is a variety of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blended together. It concludes on a note that is vivid and bright, and it contains tastes of guava, mango, and wild strawberry. It also has a column of bubbles that seems to be lasting.


Champagne from Beau Joie N.V. Champagne Francaise with a Brut Rosé

Beau Joie NV Champagne Brut Rosé Champagne France

There is little doubt that a bottle of Beau Joie may be identified by its copper-pink metal cage, which conjures up images of Steampunk and the Industrial Revolution combined. However, fortunately, form follows function, and the cage functions to preserve the juice inside the bottle at a temperature that is a few degrees lower, allowing for a longer period of enjoyment. Cranberry, pomegranate, and freshly picked cherry are the flavors that are accompanied by the scents of wild strawberry, newly baked brioche, and red raspberry that are present in this interesting Champagne. The champagne has a pale pink color.

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Grand Champagne Delamotte (NV) The French champagne known as Blanc de Blancs

Champagne Delamotte NV Blanc de Blancs Champagne France

Champagne Delamotte was one of the first five Champagne houses produced in the region when it was established in the year 1760. This establishment, which can be found in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, is the sister house of the Champagne Salon brand, which is extremely valued. The flavors of freshly baked brioche, Fuji apple, and white citrus blooms may be found in this delectable Blanc de Blancs, which is made entirely from Chardonnay. In addition to having tastes of white peach, green apple, and toasted hazelnuts, it is vivacious and vibrant in the glass.


Champagne France’s Besserat de Bellefon NV Champagne Rosé Brut Champagne blend

Besserat De Bellefon NV Champagne Rosé Brut Champagne France

Champagne from France Champagne called Besserat de Bellefon NV Champagne Rosé Brut Champagne Wine Grapes are used in the production of Besserat de Bellefon, which comes from six different villages, including Les Mesnil sur Oger, Cramant, Boursault, Reuil, and Verzenay. Raspberry, red cherry, and dried Mediterranean herbs are some of the fragrances that are present in this beverage, which has a soft pink color in the glass and a constant stream of delicate bubbles. The flavors of pomegranate, cranberry, and freshly cut strawberry are present in this beverage, which is both fresh and buoyant in the mouth.


Louis Roederer: Cristal Rosé Champagne Brut Millésimé Champagne, Year of Production: 2012 (France)

Louis Roederer 2012 Cristal Rosé Champagne Brut Millésimé Champagne France

In general, Cristal is one of the Champagnes that collectors are most interested in purchasing, and the 2012 Rosé Brut Millésimé is not an exception to this rule. Aromas of freshly baked brioche, cranberry, and red cherry may be detected in this wine, which is a pale pink color with a persistent perlage. With notes of pomegranate, strawberry, and red currant, it has a powerful presence on the mid palate, and it leads to a finish that is pleasantly dazzling.


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