The 10 Best New Year’s Eve-Themed Press-On Nails For 2023

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And with that, the year 2024 is only a few days away from being a reality. There is one thing that is certain: a sparkling nail design is always a vibe, regardless of whether you are planning an evening home to watch the ball drop or prefer a wild night out to see the fireworks in real life.

Have you forgotten to schedule that appointment at the salon? As an alternative, you might want to think about getting a set of festive press-on nails.

In the event that you are someone who does not have the patience to endure a lengthy visit to the salon or a paint session at home, press-on nails may be the solution to maintaining the health of your natural tips (provided that you use the appropriate removal method). It is possible that the quick manicure is the best option given that the holiday season is only a few short days away.

The 10 Best New Year's Eve-Themed Press-On Nails For 2023

As for an unanticipated A-lister who has been a strong supporter of the press-on lifestyle, what about them? Recently, Kim Kardashian said that she has been wearing dark chocolate nails for a long time.

Best Holiday Polish Colors for the Year 2023
On New Year’s Eve, you can’t go wrong with some sparkle when it comes to selecting the perfect press-on nails for the occasion.

“During the holiday season, customers are experiencing feelings of shimmering, sparkly, and starry-eyed sparkles,” says the company. “Everything that glitters” is how the vibes are. — Celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec discusses the nail polish color choices for the holiday season of 2023

New Year's Nails: 38 Chic Designs to Kiss 2022 Goodbye With | Glamour
According to the experts who spoke with Bustle, some of the nail colors that are generating a lot of talk and are having their main character moment this holiday season are midnight blue, dazzling neutrals, silver, and candy cane red. These are just a few of the shades that individuals can anticipate.

10 Press-On Nails to Celebrate the New Year’s Eve

For New Year’s Eve, are you in a hurry and in need of a mani that is on trend?The following are ten sets of press-on nail polish that are sure to make your nails shine over the Christmas season.

Champagne like a shimmering

Stylish Press-On Nail Kit for the City of Oslo
A. Sephora
Stylish Press-On Nail Kit for the City of Oslo


Pin On Nail Ideas, 50% OFF

In the Sephora store
In the event that champagne is your beverage of choice for ringing in the New Year, why not use the Glamnetic Oslo Press-On Nail Kit to match your tips to your sparkling cocktail?

Gold Gold Chrome Nails with Glittering
This is a special effect press-on nail polish called OPI xPRESS/On Break the Gold.
There is a special effect press on nail polish called Ulta OPI xPRESS/On Break the Gold.

$13.99 (USD)

To view on Ulta
It is recommended that you follow Jennifer Lopez’s lead and apply some gold chrome to your nails. You can easily recreate the effect by using the press-ons that are available from OPI called xPRESS/On Break the Gold Special Effect.

Tips made of dark blue velvet
Quickies She wore blue velvet press on nails (24 pieces) Quickies She wore blue velvet press on nails (24 pieces)

$22.38 (USD)

Look at the Quickies.
Those “Quickies” With the She Wore Blue Velvet press-on set, you can achieve a manicure that makes a statement by utilizing one of the nail paint colors that are trending in winter 2024.

An assortment of Pretty Pink Chrome Static Nails Mean Girls X Static Reusable pop-on manicures that are the “I’m Not Like a Regular Mom” variety
The Static Nails from Ulta X Static versus Mean Girls Reusable pop-on manicures that are the “I’m Not Like a Regular Mom” variety

Black Artificial Press-on Nails Patch Stylish Design, 53% OFF

$ 20

See In case you missed it, pink chrome nails are going to be all the rage throughout the cold winter months, and these press-ons from Mean Girls x Static that say “I’m Not Like a Regular Mom” make an unexpected statement for New Year’s Eve as well.

Bedazzled Nails in the Shape of a Coffin Kiss Gorgeous and Classy Premium Fashion Nails
Nails from Ulta that are Chic, Elegant, and Premium Fashion Nails

$10.49 (USD)

To view on Ulta
For those who are looking for a mani that is salon-quality but on a budget, the Kiss Gorgeous Classy Premium Fashion Nails offer everything that a New Year’s set of tips ought to have: traditional French tips, sparkling rhinestones, and of course, glitter.

Vibrations of Cherry Red Velvet
The names Olive and June Olive and June are the target audience for the Instant Mani Velvet Press-On Nails. Press-on nails with a Velvet finish for an Instant Mani

Feildoo Press on Nails, Medium Stick on Tips Clear Acrylic False Press on Nail, 24 Pcs Tips Glue on Nails for Nail Art Manicure Woman Salon,A#001 -

$12.29 (USD)

Take a Look at the Target
Are you more of a fan of red wine? Featuring a velvety “red nail theory” set of tips that sparkle like precious rubies, the Olive & June Velvet Press-On Nails are a gorgeous nail art product.

The rosé is surrounded by beautiful pearly bubble bath nails.
Ring Around the Rosé by Marsai, a product of MARI


Look at Marsai’s work on MARI.
The MARI by Marsai Ring Around The Rosé press-ons take the “bubble bath” nail style to the next level by adding some sophisticated 3D pearls. If “quiet luxury” is your preferred aesthetic at the moment, then these press-ons are worth considering.

Silver French Tip Nails with a Year 2000 Silver Finish OPI xPRESS/On Big Zodiac Energy Can-certified Utilize Sweet Press on Nails
OPI xPRESS/On Big Zodiac Energy Can-certified Sweet Press On Nails products are available at Ulta.

$15.99 (USD)

LHHYY Nail 24pcs Decorated False Nails Butterfly Yarn White Gradients False Nails Detachable Gauze Manicure TN : Beauty & Personal Care

To view on Ulta
In the event that you are unsure, silver chrome French tips, such as the OPI xPRESS/On Big Zodiac Energy Can-certified Sweet set, will always be a New Year’s Eve feeling.

Details with a subtle gilded texture
Impressive Press-On Nails for the Glam Material Girl
Glamorous Material Girl Press-On Nails Can Be Purchased at Ulta


To view on Ulta
This New Year’s Eve, you want your nails to sparkle, but you’re more of a minimalist when it comes to your manicure. In a low-key neutral tint with hints of abstract gold accents, the Glamnetic Material Girl Press-On Nails are a great choice for your nails.

Tips of Spicy Black Lace that are Sheer
Lacey Press On Nails PaintLab Lacey Press On Nails PaintLab

$12.99 (USD)

Take a look at PaintLab.
It is certain that the PaintLab Lacey nails will be a complete and utter standout since they are an extremely detailed set of press-ons that are just as seductive as they are one of a kind.

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