Texans Are Creating a Powerhouse, Here Are Ten Takeaways

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There are ten key takeaways: Texans are constructing a powerhouse.
In addition to having a lot to review for our Week 15 Takeaways, we have a great early window, blowouts later in the day, and a lot to learn from…

I want you to know that you are not the only one who believes that Sunday provided fresh indications that the Texans are on the verge of something significant. It is the consensus of the team as a whole. Case Keenum, who has been a quarterback for the Texans for twelve years, is so optimistic that he couldn’t help but express his feelings about the future of the team right after guiding the Texans to a victory in overtime on Sunday in Nashville, Tennessee, by a score of 19–16.

The individual, who is 35 years old, expressed his opinion to Aditi Kinkhabwala of CBS that he considers the Texans to be “one of the best teams in the league, from top to bottom.” That caught my eye, so I called Keenum and asked him why he stated something that three months before would have been unfathomable. I told him that I was curious about his statement.
“So, first and foremost, I believe that it begins with C.J. [Stroud],” Keenum says. “Man, I’ll tell you the truth. To tell you the truth, I believe that he has the potential to become one of the greatest of all time. I’ll say it once more: I believe that [he] has a talent that transcends generations. It’s a dog, that guy is a dog. Excellent vision, excellent pocket awareness, athletic ability, the ability to maneuver, and the ability to make any throw on the field. He has excellent leadership skills, as well as strong and touch throws. Despite the fact that he is still young, he is mature for his age, and if he plays, the entire quarterback room will be able to participate. Davis Mills and I both have confidence in ourselves. I am confident in Davis.
It was written by Stroud that we are all in this together.

Texans Are Creating a Powerhouse, Here Are Ten Takeaways

Keenum stated, “He told us that he was praying for us and that he was here with us.” He also stated that he was pulling for us.

In the spirit, perhaps. But in terms of their physical capabilities, the Texans would be forced to make do without him, as well as without Dell and Collins, and this week, among other defensive players, they would be without Will Anderson Jr.

Undoubtedly, a competitive Titans team surged off to a 13–0 lead and maintained a 13–3 advantage at the halftime break. During the first three and a half quarters of the game, the Texans were only able to score three field goals and 224 yards.

However, Ryan’s defense continued to provide opportunities for the offense.

The team led by Keenum finally capitalized on the opportunity that presented itself halfway through the fourth quarter. With a deficit of 16-9, they marched 79 yards in ten plays to tie the game. The most important play was made by Schultz, who more or less went Randy Moss on Titans defensive back Roger McCreary.

In the fourth play of overtime, Keenum was able to find another player who was able to make a strong play for him. It was Devin Singletary who made the game-winning kick this time. He first broke loose across the center of the field, then collected the pass from Keenum and threw it for 41 yards, which set up Kai’imi Fairbairn to make the game-winning goal.

According to Keenum, “You can see how it’s going in San Francisco, with that system and that culture that they’ve built.” If you add a DeMeco and a C.J. to it, I believe that you will have the kind of culture that you are looking for. This is the kind of powerhouse that I believe the Texans will continue to be for a considerable amount of time.

Not to mention the fact that Keenum is well aware of the kind of powerhouse that these Texans already are.
The bills are on their way. When Sean McDermott bounced Ken Dorsey and the composition of an aging core was called into question, we wrote about the urgency of the situation a few of weeks ago.

It has arrived, and quite a significant one at that.

It was easy to look ahead at the five games that were to follow, which were against the Jets, Eagles, Chiefs, Cowboys, and Chargers, and believe that the Bills’ season was dangerously close to being over after they suffered a loss to the Broncos on November 13 and fell to a record of 5–5. Actually, that was at that point in time. That Chargers team will be coached by Giff Smith and will have Easton Stick as their quarterback. Four weeks later, they have a record of 3–1 since the scandal that occurred in Denver. The one loss they have suffered came in overtime.

Texans Are Creating a Powerhouse, Here Are Ten Takeaways

Even more impressive is the fact that they have improved over the course of the season. The club’s greatest game of the stretch was its most recent one, which was a 31–10 thrashing of a Cowboys squad that was red hot in Orchard Park on Sunday.

And now, even though they will still be without Tre’Davious White, Matt Milano, and DaQuan Jones, among other players, they can look forward to games against the decimated Chargers and the sad-sack Patriots building up to a clash with the Dolphins in Week 18.

Over the phone, safety Jordan Poyer, who was a Bill from Sean McDermott’s first year, stated that a significant number of these individuals had been working together for a considerable amount of time. “The fact that such folks are not part of the game is difficult. This does make things a little more difficult. But we put in a lot of effort to prepare. We are fortunate to have a number of exceptionally talented individuals on our team, particularly on our side of the football field. [From that point on], it is simply a matter of being able to adequately prepare and not being concerned about what has occurred in the past. Indeed, the past is the past.

However, when it comes to the Bills, the past does assist provide perspective for what is happening this afternoon.

First and foremost, despite the fact that Josh Allen was incredibly terrific when he needed to be on Sunday, Buffalo’s franchise quarterback dominated the game by throwing for 94 yards and running for 24. The Buffalo Bills were content to rely on James Cook (221 scrimmage yards) as the focal point of the attack, and the defense (115 yards, three points allowed until Dallas’s final, garbage-time drive) to carry the day. This should make the Bills more dangerous than they were before.

Second, the Bills themselves do not appear to believe that it is a coincidence that it flipped after things blew up around McDermott, at the conclusion of their bye, and before they were scheduled to play Kansas City in Week 14.

In response, Poyer states, “That is exactly what we are about.” “Throughout all of the highs and lows, we have remained steadfast by each other’s sides. It is clear to us that we are surrounded by the media and that we live in a bubble. It is inevitable that the media will take anything and run with it, transforming it into something that is significantly larger than it should be. Not a single member of our football squad considered it to be a problem. “We have a complete understanding of Sean as a person.”

Moreover, we are witnessing, just as we saw in September, what the Bills are capable of becoming as a group.

These are the kinds of players that other clubs most likely do not want to face in January.

The award for Coach of the Year goes to Kevin Stefanski. To a certain extent, Joe Flacco has been the savior of both him and the Browns over the course of the previous few weeks. On the other hand, can you guess who was stumping for Stefanski on Sunday midday?

That’s right, the notorious No. 15 himself.

Texans Are Creating a Powerhouse, Here Are Ten Takeaways

Over the cell phone, Flacco was heard saying, “Yeah, I think he’s done unbelievable,” following the rock brawl that took place between the Browns and the Bears on the lakefront in Cleveland. “In my opinion, he is the first fellow that you ought to look at. During the course of the season, he has been confronted with a variety of quarterbacks and linemen, as well as any other players that you can think of. An outstanding work has been done by him.

On Monday, we are going to provide you with a great deal more information regarding Cleveland’s thrilling victory over the Bears, which they achieved by a score of 20–17, in the MMQB Lead.

However, for the time being, I believe it is important to emphasize the specific challenges that Stefanski has faced.

He is currently in his fourth starting quarterback position. Geron Christian started as left tackle for the club on Sunday, and James Hudson III started at right tackle. Jedrick Wills Jr., Jack Conklin, and Dawand Jones were all out for the season at this point. Jerome Ford was playing tailback, and Nick Chubb had been gone for quite some time. Denzel Ward was beginning to recover from a shoulder injury, and linebacker Anthony Walker Jr. and safety Juan Thornhill were both out on defense. Additionally, Denzel Ward was being paced a little bit as he made his way back from his injury.

Where did all of this come from? First of all, according to Flacco, Stefanski merely inquires about what each player is capable of and confidence in with their abilities. It was mentioned by the quarterback that one of the first things Stefanski had him do was to look through the playbook and circle the ideas and plays that he was familiar with. From there, Stefanski would construct his game plan, with the concept being the same as it is at every position, which is to simply take advantage of what his players are most skilled at.

When asked about the staff, Flacco responds, “They have awesome heads on their shoulders as well.” “Every day, you get to see Kevin lead a team in a way that is calm but forceful, and then [offensive coordinator] Alex Van Pelt, who does the same thing,” said the coach. Simply by the manner in which he conveys the message, it is clear that these individuals have been around the block for a while. They are able to instill a sense of ease and self-assurance in everyone. I believe that the team enjoys a sense of self-assurance once these individuals take the initiative to speak since they are able to instill that confidence in them.

The Browns were able to appear so listless on offensive for significant portions of the first three quarters (162 yards, seven points), and then suddenly come alive for 215 yards and 13 points in the fourth quarter alone. This is due to both Flacco and the fact that they were able to score. It is for this reason that a group of players in the National Football League (NFL) anticipates wonderful things, rather than negative things, when it matters, in a place where it can feel like the sky is falling on the team for decades.

It is also the reason why I have no choice but to concur with Flacco at this point. To this day, Stefanski has outperformed all of his contemporaries in the year 2023.

Texans Are Creating a Powerhouse, Here Are Ten Takeaways

Saturday’s game between the Bengals and the Vikings was a real barnburner, and that is a tribute to both clubs. If someone had told you three months ago that Nick Mullens and Jake Browning would be playing in a game that was not part of a larger series in December, your response could have been, “Who?” If you had asked me three days ago if I thought that game would be one of the greatest of Week 15, you might have looked at me as if I had three heads.

Browning converted a third-and-21 that resulted in one touchdown, and then he made a throw that Tee Higgins somehow transformed into one of the most incredible touchdowns you will ever see to tie the game. However, after the Vikings raced to a 17–3 lead, Browning produced a ball that helped Higgins tie the game. The teams traded places with one another. Browning and Tyler Boyd worked their magic on another third-and-long play to set up the game-winning field goal in overtime. The Bengals made a stop on fourth down, and then they hit the game-winning field goal.

All of this, in my opinion, reveals a great deal about the Bengals’ current situation, as well as the Vikings’ future plans.

In addition, I had the impression that Bengals coach Zac Taylor implicitly agreed with that concept as he guided me through the team’s victory, which was a 27–24 victory. I had this conversation with him while he was riding home from the game.

Taylor asserts that “character matters” in the sport of football. When you reach the 15th of December, you will have reached that point in the year when you had better love it—you had better love it. We have guys who enjoy the grind. Games like these are a lot of fun for them to play. In December and January, they anticipate achieving victory. The experience takes precedence. Over the course of the past three years, we have participated in a sufficient number of games in which the first half did not appear to be successful. Someone is going to stand up and make plays, and the guys are aware of this fact.

These are the actions that a number of the guys in our team took today. The fact that we are right back in it and have found a way to win is something that I just adore about these men.

During Joe Burrow’s absence, Browning was the one who carried out the plays. After Ja’Marr Chase was removed from the game, Higgins and Boyd were the ones who made the most significant plays. After D.J. Reader was taken out of the game, the defense gave up and surrendered on fourth-and-1.

On the other hand, it is the way in which the Vikings were able to play like they did while they were away from home by turning to their fourth starting quarterback of the year. And how they were able to cultivate Jordan Addison in the absence of Justin Jefferson to have the kind of afternoon that he did (6-111-2), with a lot still on the line for a Minnesota club that is attempting to win the division title (at least heading into it).

All of this revealed a great deal about both teams, as well as a great deal about the programs that Taylor and Kevin O’Connell are leading and directing.

Texans Are Creating a Powerhouse, Here Are Ten Takeaways

The last week that the Eagles have had is the first indication that they have paid a price not only for the success they had the previous year, but also for the rise of Nick Sirianni’s team over the course of the past three years. In addition, the price was paid by the team in an unexpected manner (when does a club with a record of 10–3 whack a key assistant?). stepping down from his position as defensive coordinator, Sean Desai, in advance of the game against Seattle on Monday night, and replacing him with Matt Patricia, a former head coach of the Patriots and the Lions.

Now, if you remember correctly, things didn’t become clear between the head coach Johnathan Gannon and his new team, the Cardinals, until the days leading up to the Super Bowl. This timing prevented the Philadelphia Eagles from taking the necessary steps to retain Vic Fangio, who had been working as a consultant for the team, in order to replace Gannon.

As a result, the Eagles were unable to secure either of their top two possible candidates for defensive coordinator in 2023.

Gannon was frequently criticized in Philadelphia, but he has been missed, and the fact that his Cardinals have been playing above their heads throughout the entire season is evidence that the guy is capable of coaching. Moreover, Fangio, who had promised the Dolphins that he would be hired before the Eagles’ position became vacant, and who was compensated with more than $4.5 million for his efforts, has unquestionably demonstrated his worth in Miami.

It is highly likely that the Eagles would not be facing this issue if they had been defeated in the divisional round, for example. It is possible that Gannon would not have been as appealing of a candidate if the correct narrative had not been disseminated during the Super Bowl run. This narrative asserts that Nick Sirianni’s staff had developed the kind of harmony that any team would want to imitate. The timing might have been more favorable with Fangio if they had been removed from their positions earlier.

In light of the circumstances, the Eagles made the decision to retain Fangio Lite by employing Desai, one of his most devoted disciples. Desai is highly regarded and played an important role on the Seahawks’ coaching staff in the previous season. In addition, for whatever reason, it has not been successful. The collapse of Philadelphia’s defense occurred during defeats to the Cowboys and the 49ers, and it wasn’t much better before those games against the Bills. The difficulties that the defense experienced on third down were a deciding factor in the decision to make this change at this time.

As a result of this, the notion is that Patricia, who has been actively involved on defense, is able to bring a bigger amount of schematics to what the Eagles are doing on those third downs. In addition, he has all of the expertise he has as a defensive play-caller, which dates back to 2010.

It goes without saying that nobody there conceived of it in that manner. On the other hand, this is the price that each and every winner who lasts must pay. It just so happened that things worked out better (and more naturally) for Philadelphia’s offense during this time, with Kevin Patullo also present and Brian Johnson climbing to the top role after serving as the quarterbacks coach.

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