Taylor Swift wows fans with surprise rendition of ‘1989’ songs

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The next stop on Taylor Swift’s tour is Lisbon, Portugal, where she will do her magic.

For the attendees of her most recent Eras Tour event, Taylor Swift, who is known for keeping her fans on their toes, pulled off a spectacular surprise by performing a rendition of her album from 1989. This is because the record is timeless and will never go out of style.

An unexpected mashup of three songs from 1989 (Taylor’s Version) was performed by the Lover singer, who is 34 years old, on Saturday, May 18, at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, during her 89th Eras Tour stop. The crowd was completely packed out.

On X, which was then known as Twitter, people uploaded videos of Taylor Swift playing the piano while wearing an orange dress and performing a medley of songs. The tracks included “Welcome to New York,” “Clean,” and the timeless melody “Say Don’t Go.”


The selections of songs that the singer performed garnered praise from a number of her numerous followers. In an interview with X, a fan expressed their opinion that the medley “is nothing less than a love letter to her fans.”

“She is requesting that we never leave,” the supporter continued. Although the lights are quite bright, they will never be able to blind her. Now that she is with us, she can finally be clean.

Swift made her stage comeback in Sweden right after she was seen enjoying a romantic vacation in Lake Como, Italy, with her boyfriend Travis Kelce during a gap between appearances on the Eras Tour. It was seen that the couple was kissing, snuggling, and taking late-night strolls together as they were touring the city on a boat.

“On the first night, they went for a long walk around the lake late at night [between 11 and midnight],” a source informed People Magazine about Swift and Kelce, who is 34 years old. I found it to be incredibly romantic. Every once in a while, they would stroll hand in hand. An occasional kiss would also be exchanged between the two of them.

This coming weekend, Taylor Swift will finish her third and final Eras Tour event in Stockholm on May 19. After that, she will travel to Lisbon, Portugal, the following weekend to perform there.

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