Taylor Swift lends Sophie Turner and her children a New York apartment during the stormy Joe Jonas divorce: reports

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In the song “Vigilante S—,” by Taylor Swift, the pop artist sings, “Picture me thick as thieves with your ex-wife.”

Now, Swift looks to be living out her own lyrics, as she is apparently lending her New York apartment to ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas’ estranged wife Sophie Turner and their two young girls. The Jonas family has been going through a rough patch recently, and Swift is supposedly trying to help.
According to Page Six, Turner will be moving into Swift’s home, which is an investment property located in the Tribeca neighborhood. The news outlet also mentioned that the actress and her girls had been sleeping in a hotel in the Midtown area of Manhattan at one point.
Fox News Digital reached out to representatives for Swift and Turner but did not immediately receive a response to its request for comment.

The previous week, Turner filed a lawsuit against Jonas, demanding that their children be sent back to England without delay. In startling documents that were obtained by Fox News Digital, Turner said that Jonas had “the wrongful retention” of their two girls since around September 20. The records were filed as part of a lawsuit that Turner filed against Jonas.
It was on September 5 in Miami-Dade County, Florida, that Jonas filed for divorce, a choice that Turner alleges she did not find out about until it was reported in the public. In his filing, Jonas referred to the state of the marriage as “irretrievably broken.” According to the documents filed by Turner, the couple’s divorce “took place in a very short period of time.”
Jonas was quick to disprove a number of the assertions that Turner had made, and he made it clear in a statement that he issued to Fox News Digital that Turner was fully aware of the fact that he intended to file for divorce. Jonas asserted that he and his partner had “multiple conversations” regarding the matter.

“This order was delivered to Sophie on September 6, 2023, which is over two weeks ago at this point. This past Sunday in New York, while Sophie was in New York to be with the kids, Joe and Sophie exchanged pleasantries and had a pleasant encounter. Since that initial encounter, they have been in her company. “Joe’s takeaway from the meeting was that they had come to an agreement that they would work together towards an amicable co-parenting arrangement,” the statement said.

In addition to this, it added that the court in Florida where Jonas had filed his petition “has already entered an order that restricts both parents from relocating the children.” It has been stated that the couple has since come to an agreement that they will not take their children out of the United States because of this condition.
A few days before filing the claim in New York, Turner was seen out with Swift, also in Tribeca, grabbing dinner and drinks. The setting was similar to that of the original incident. Since then, she has been seen out and about with the singer on multiple occasions.

Taylor Swift lends Sophie Turner and her children a New York apartment during the stormy Joe Jonas divorce: reports

Since 2015, when Jonas dated Swift’s close friend Gigi Hadid, Swift and her former lover Jonas had maintained cordial relations with one another. Turner is a Swift fan regardless of her relationship with Jonas, and she has never been shy about revealing her enthusiasm for the singer’s songs. Despite this, fans nonetheless had a significant reaction when the two were seen together, particularly considering the timing of the appearance.

The past week has been quite hectic for Swift, who has been mentioned in almost every headline. The singer was reportedly seen in Kansas City, Missouri, on Sunday, where she was in attendance at a Chiefs game.
Travis Kelce, the star tight end for the Chiefs, had shown interest in Taylor Swift in the past, and her appearance fuelled suspicions of a romantic relationship between the two. She was chatting with Donna, Kelce’s mother, while they sat in a suite together.

Following the conclusion of the game, it appeared that Swift drove off with Kelce in his vehicle.

Kelce recently mentioned on his podcast how pleased he was that Taylor Swift would be attending one of his games after he invited her to attend one of his games. “A big thank you goes out to Taylor for picking us up. That was a very ballsy move,” he stated on the podcast that he does with his brother Jason called “New Heights.” “I just thought it was so cool how everyone in the suite, including her friends and family, had nothing but wonderful things to say about her,” I said. She sported a stunning appearance. Everyone held a favorable opinion of her in their conversations. And on top of that, you know, the day went well, especially for Chiefs fans.”
Taylor Swift is stepping in with a substantial gift as Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas work through the complexities of their breakup.

Taylor Swift lends Sophie Turner and her children a New York apartment during the stormy Joe Jonas divorce: reports

According to recent reports, the singer best known for her hit “Anti-Hero” has once again demonstrated that she is not a monster on the hill by hospitably offering her house in Manhattan to Turner along with the latter’s two young daughters.
After the singer filed for divorce, Turner demanded that Jonas send their children to her care in the United Kingdom, which is where they had recently constructed their family home. The former couple is currently in the throes of hammering out their custody agreement, which followed the artist’s petition for divorce.

It would appear that Swift, who has been seen hanging out with Turner on multiple occasions over the past month, has lent out her home in New York City to enable the former Game of Thrones cast member to continue living in close proximity to her children until the courts allow them to relocate.

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It is not known whether the residence in question is the same apartment she resides in when she is in town or whether she owns two apartments in the neighborhood, but the publication reports that Turner has been seen out and about exploring her temporary locale. Page Six describes the residence in question as a “investment property” for the singer.

On September 27, paparazzi caught the actress and another lady carrying a travel cot and two huge luggage into a car outside. She then buckled her children in and waved farewell to them before returning inside the house, assuming that they were going to spend some time with their father.

The parties have agreed that the children are required to stay in the New York City region until they finalize their formal custody agreement.

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