Taylor Swift accidently tells followers what she nicknames Travis Kelce privately, and many are shocked.

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It seems like Taylor Swift is fully enamored with Travis Kelce because of their relationship. The singer took a break from her Era tour in South America in order to attend the Chiefs’ most recent game against the Green Bay Packers and watch her lover, Travis, play for the Chiefs. She could not conceal her sentiments as she watched the tight-end play because she was overtaken with emotion and could not contain her passion.

According to the information that has come to light, Taylor Swift has recently published a new video in which she appears to be overwhelmed with happiness as she watches Travis perform.

In the video in question, the woman, who was 33 years old at the time, applauded and shouted, and then she accidentally revealed the endearing nickname that she had for her spouse. From the VIP suite at Lambeau Field, the singer of “Cruel Summer” was asked on many occasions to “Come on Trav,” which served as a source of motivation for him.

Fans are unable to get over the ‘adorable’ term that has been given to the moment, which is not surprising given the amount of feedback that it has garnered. Someone said on X, “Y’ all acting as if I can move on from this “come on, Trav,” I’m dying here,” and they were referring to the situation. “I’m dying here from this.”

A different person spoke the words, “Are you able to hear me crying?” My experience seeing this is without a doubt the cutest and most reassuring thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing. “I am just so happy for everyone,” someone who was very enthusiastic about the news wrote. “I am just so happy for everyone.”

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