Court cases involving fast fashion: An overview of Shein’s RICO and antitrust cases

Court cases involving fast fashion: An overview of Shein's RICO and antitrust cases

Behemoth of fast fashion Two federal civil lawsuits were filed against Shein, and they arrived within a week of one another. The latest occurred when Temu, a competitor lower-class retailer, filed an antitrust lawsuit in the Massachusetts U.S. District Court. Three fashion designers accused the online retailer of copyright infringement and racketeering earlier in July, and they filed a lawsuit in the District Court for the Central District of California. …

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Positive Impact of International Tiger Day: How to start a Conservation!

Hunted! Killed! Unsheltered! Trapped! We humans love cats, we adore them, and we adopt them, but what if I tell you there’s a ‘Big cat’ who doesn’t really need to be adopted? The cat needs its own space in this human-dominated world! The Big Cat Struggle: Tigers’ Fight for Survival They’ve lost nearly 90% of their natural habitat. Yes, I’m talking about tigers. Tigers are stronger and more beautiful and …

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