Skip Bayless has been chastised for questioning whether the University of Colorado football team is now “Black America’s Team”

Skip Bayless has been chastised for questioning whether the University of Colorado football team is now “Black America’s Team” in light of Deion Sanders’ tenure with the squad.

The FS1 Undisputed anchor submitted the query on social media on Tuesday (Sept. 26), which he later presented as a topic on the debate show. “Is Deion’s Colorado now Black America’s Team?” Before promoting the aforementioned debate segment, Bayless posted, “Now on @undisputed,” adding, “Now on @undisputed.”

While some thought Bayless’ inquiry was innocent, others thought it was offensive, and they expressed their feelings in the sports talk host’s remarks. “You coulda kept this in drafts Skip,” one user said, referring to the fact that the tweet should never have been released.
Another commenter stated that race should not be a role in fandom, asking, “Should it matter? Isn’t this a sport? Sports has always been about rooting for teams/players/coaches you care about. “This isn’t rocket science.” Others were shocked to see Bayless’ message and expressed their shock that he would make such a divisive statement. “Wildest notification I’ve gotten in a while,” one person said, and others agreed.

Following Sanders’ hiring as head coach of the Buffaloes in December 2022, the University of Colorado has become one of the hottest tickets in not only college football, but sports in general. Since then, he’s guided the program to an immediate turnaround, tripling the previous season’s one-win record after opening the 2023 season 3-0.

Skip Bayless has been chastised for questioning whether the University of Colorado football team is now “Black America’s Team”


Colorado began the season unranked and climbed to No. 19 but their Sanders hot streak came to an end with a 42-6 loss to Oregon this past weekend.
Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe were making waves with their sports discussion show ‘Undispute,’ but Sharpe went a different road and joined Steven A. Smith on ‘First Take.’ People have continued to watch the show despite Sharpe’s departure, but not as many as when Sharpe was on. In a new post from Bayless, many Twitter users appear to assume that ratings are low and that Bayless is attempting to be more contentious.
Deion Sanders now coaches the Colorado Buffaloes, who won their first two games before falling to Orgean in their third game. Many fans across the world have been cheering on Sanders and his new squad, and now Skip Bayless has a question for everyone who has developed an interest in Colorado. “Is Deion’s Colorado the new team for Black America?” “I’m now on Undispited,” he revealed. Many people on Twitter chastised him for his remark following his tweet.

Shannon Sharpe recently revealed why he almost pawed Skip Bayless. Stephen A. Smith Smith played a clip from the Undisputed show dated December 12, 2022.

Skip Bayless has been chastised for questioning whether the University of Colorado football team is now “Black America’s Team”


Sharpe and Bayless were discussing Tom Brady’s performance in the Patriots’ 35-7 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Sharpe attempted to persuade Bayless of Brady’s poor performance in the game, but Bayless attempted to shift the blame to other players.
Sharpe maintained that Bayless was blinded by his admiration for Brady, but Bayless dubbed Sharpe a hater and then claimed to be jealous of Brady. “Skip I did what I did, you make it seem like I was a bum,” Sharpe screamed back (at 26:05). “I’m in the Hall of Fame, I’ve won three Super Bowls,” he said, to which Bayless replied, “So what? What is the point? He’s far superior to you!”
“You would take a personal shot at me to say this man is better than me because I say he’s playing bad this year?” the former tight end challenged the man he considered a buddy. Skip followed up by saying, “I will support him over anybody because he’s the greatest player ever played your game, and it’s by far.”


Smith said after rewatching the video that he realized at the time that “that relationship is in a world of trouble.”


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Deion Sanders has transformed Boulder, Colorado, into an unlikely sports epicenter.


Why it is significant: Sanders has led the Colorado Buffaloes to a 3-0 start in his debut season. Black followers from throughout the country are among his most ardent supporters.


The larger picture: Black households have been hooked to the first few televised games of the Buffaloes.
Celebrities ranging from Snoop Dogg to Dwayne Johnson are all over the Buffs.

On social media, black instructors with no prior ties to Colorado hail Sanders as an inspiration.

Sanders, aka Coach Prime, led the Buffaloes to a 43-35 double-overtime victory over Colorado State on Saturday.


Both ESPN’s “College GameDay” and Fox’s “Big Noon Kickoff” televised pre-game shows from Boulder, including Lil Wayne, the Wu-Tang Clan, and various NFL stars.

Superstars such as LeBron James shared highlights from the game on social media, including praise for Colorado players’ athleticism.

Zoom in: Not since the Los Angeles Raiders of the 1980s or Michigan’s men’s basketball team The Fab Five of the 1990s has a team captured the attention of Black America and hip-hop culture like the Buffs have.


Carl Suddler, an Emory University assistant professor of history, tells Axios that seeing Sanders garner this kind of support from Black people on social media has been exhilarating in the early weeks of the season.
In this ‘new age’ of college football, he appears to be a one-of-a-kind draw — and hire — that may have more staying power than many college football fans anticipated.”

According to the stats, Colorado Buffaloes clothing has become some of the trendiest sports gear, with sales increasing by more than 800% from last season.


Shirts and hoodies with phrases from Prime “We’re Coming” and “I ain’t hard to find” are, well, difficult to find.

Quick recap: Sanders took over a 1-11 school last season and used the transfer protocol to rebuild the club with players from historically Black institutions and universities.


He cautioned former Colorado Buffaloes players that they might not have a spot and urged them to depart to create room for newcomers.

During the first game, Colorado stunned the college football world by defeating TCU, last year’s runner-up, 45-42 in front of a sizable Black TV viewership.