Rosalynn Carter remained her husband’s rock of support to the end

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Although Jimmy Carter held the positions of Georgian governor and US president, he consistently claimed that marrying Eleanor Rosalynn Smith was the “pinnacle” of his life.

More than any other couple to live in the White House, Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter were married for over 77 years.

The Carter Center said that the former first lady passed away quietly on Sunday at her Georgian home. A few days after entering hospice care, she passed away at the age of 96.

In a statement, Jimmy Carter said, “Rosalynn was my equal partner in everything I ever accomplished.” “When I needed it, she provided me with sage advice and inspiration. Rosalynn’s presence in the world ensured that I always had love and support from someone.”

Rosalynn Carter remained her husband's rock of support to the end

Rosalynn Carter stood by her husband’s side when he took office as the 39th president of the United States in 1977. She also provided unwavering support during the hostage-taking crisis at the American embassy in Iran that plagued his presidency and the devastating defeat in the reelection contest against Ronald Reagan that reduced him to a single term as commander in chief.

After revealing in February 2023 that he had “decided to spend his remaining time at home with his family and receive hospice care instead of additional medical intervention,” Jimmy Carter, 99, turned to his wife once more in the final stages of their enduring love story. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s four children, eleven grandchildren, and fourteen great-grandchildren have all provided the couple with a great deal of support as they both prepared for the end.

Following his grandfather’s announcement in February that he was entering hospice care, the couple’s grandson, Jason Carter, who chairs The Carter Center governing board, wrote on Twitter in February, “They are at peace and – as always – their home is full of love.”

Jimmy Carter, who started dating Rosalynn Smith while still a cadet at the USNA, once served as the commanding officer of a Navy submarine. He has frequently referred to his wife as his “secret weapon,” both in public and in private.

“I told my mother the next morning that was the girl I wanted to marry when I first went on a date with her,” Jimmy Carter said to ABC News in July 2021, following his and his wife’s release from COVID-19 isolation to commemorate their 75th wedding anniversary.

Rosalynn Carter stated in the same interview that she declined his first proposal because she had made a vow to her father on his deathbed to complete her college education before getting married.”But I gave in because he was persistent,” she said to ABC News. “Life with Jimmy Carter has been an adventure.

Rosalynn Carter remained her husband's rock of support to the end

Jimmy Carter discussed his life with his wife in a 2015 interview at The Carter Center, the couple’s humanitarian organization. He said, “Marrying Rosalynn was the best thing I ever did.” That is the apex of my existence.”

In the years between World War I and the Great Depression, they were born in the small Georgian town of Plains, three years apart. Although they had known each other since they were young, she was the greatest

Rosalynn Carter claimed that although she and her future husband had known each other since childhood and that she was Ruth’s best friend, she did not truly notice him until he was around thirteen.

Rosalynn Carter claimed to have fallen in love with a picture of Jimmy Carter that Ruth Carter had hanging on her bedroom wall in the 2020 book “What Makes a Marriage Last” by Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas.

Rosalynn Carter remained her husband's rock of support to the end

According to her statement in the book, “I did not know a single boy I thought I would want to spend my life with until Jimmy Carter came calling.” However, Jimmy Carter had already moved from Plains to Annapolis, Maryland, in order to attend the Naval Academy at that point.

As fate would have it, Jimmy Carter remembered in “What Makes a Marriage Last,” that he was without a date while on vacation from the Naval Academy because his then-girlfriend was attending a family reunion.


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