Rapp criticizes Golden Globes 2024 host Jo Koy for making ‘a Bunch of Jokes About Women’

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Not only did Koy make remarks about ‘Barbie’ being “based on a plastic doll with big boobies,” but he also made other jokes that evoked icy responses from the audience at the Globe Music Awards. René Rapp gives the impression that she is not overly enthusiastic about Jo Koy’s monologue at the Golden Globes.

Reneé Rapp Calls Out Golden Globes 2024 Host Jo Koy for His Jokes

In a special TikTok for Today with Hoda and Jenna, the four Mean Girls actors, Angourie Rice, Reneé Rapp, Avantika, and Bebe Wood, discussed the trends that they believe will be “in” and “out” in 2024. Rapp said that one of her “outs” occurred during the major awards event that took place on Sunday.

“My outs… ” In the first place, there is the individual who yelled at me at eight o’clock this morning and told me to grin. Rapp yelled out, “Go to hell.” “In addition, the person who was making a number of jokes about women at the Golden Globes last night was the one who I was able to get away with.”

During his opening monologue, Koy, who is 52 years old, made a remark about Barbie being “based on a plastic doll with big boobies,” along with a few other jokes that garnered cold responses from the star audience. The actress appeared to be alluding to Koy.

Additionally, Taylor Swift did not appear to be amused by another remark made by Koy, which stated that she received “fewer camera shots” during the Grammy Awards than she would during an NFL game. He responded to the jokes by making a remark about how little time had passed since he had “gotten the gig ten days ago.” Several of the jokes that the comic made on X, which was formerly known as Twitter, were deemed “sexist” by certain users of social media platforms. The comedian received mixed reactions online and on social media.

Reneé Rapp calls out Jo Koy for 'making a bunch of jokes about women' at Golden  Globes

In the comments section of the Mean Girls TikTok video, a number of users expressed their appreciation to Rapp for bringing up the current event. An individual expressed their opinion by writing, “The best part of this is Renee calling out the sexist jokes at the Golden Globes when they had Barbie winning awards.” Another individual offered their opinion by saying, “Jo Koy, you are done pissed off Regina MF George to count your days, buddy.”

Rapp received appreciation from other people for “keeping it real as always,” and several people urged other people to “stan” her for “calling out” the comic from her performance. Nevertheless, there are some individuals who have defended the comic, such as Whoopi Goldberg, who stated that “these hosting gigs are brutal.” She went on to say, “If you don’t know the room, if you’ve never been in these rooms before, and you’re sort of thrust out there, it’s hit or miss… but I do know that [Koy’s] as good as it gets when it comes to stand-up comedy.”

When asked by People, Koy stated that he would “love to” host the award event again if he had more time to prepare, “with five months, not nine days.” This statement was made in spite of some of the criticism that he received on social media. “We’re back,” he declared, referring to the crowd, which he described as “great” overall. There was no one in Hollywood.

Mean Girls star Renee Rapp BLASTS Jo Koy for 'making a bunch of jokes about  women' while hosting the Golden Globe Awards | Daily Mail Online

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