Randy Travis Surprises Oliver Anthony at Ryman, Nashville Crowd Goes Wild

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At the venerable Ryman Auditorium in the city, the singer made his first performance, which was the first of two consecutive gigs that he will perform at the venue.

In the midst of his performance on the renowned stage, an equally legendary country musician, Randy Travis, was present to surprise Anthony for his Ryman engagement. This occurred while Anthony was performing on the legendary platform. During the intermissions between songs, Anthony paused to give the country music legend a hug and engage in a little conversation between songs.

Since the beginning of Anthony’s music career, Travis, who is himself a well-known country traditionalist, has been a staunch supporter of the gravelly neo-traditionalism and grassroots approach that Anthony takes. There were numerous clips of the Ryman concert that the elder singer uploaded to his Instagram Stories. One of these clips was the one in which he surprised Anthony and the audience by coming out onstage.

Additionally, he praised Anthony’s performance and provided a photograph of the two of them being introduced backstage.

“It’s a relief to know that there are still some old country boys in the world,” said the Lord. Travis includes a caption in the post that he was making. It was a wonderful experience to be able to watch Oliver Anthony’s debut performance at the Mother Church, which is The Ryman Auditorium, last night.

In addition, Anthony chronicled his encounter with Travis backstage at the Ryman. He shared a photo of himself crouching down next to Travis’ wheelchair and making a joke about how he would “never wash my hand again” after shaking hands with the country music legend.

The second of Anthony’s two gigs that are scheduled to take place in Nashville will take place on Thursday night (February 22), when he will perform at the Ryman. A couple of the Out of the Woods Tour dates will be held in Florida, which is the next stop on his itinerary.



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