Presidential Election 2024: If Donald Trump Wins

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On the eve of the presidential election year, the United States of America is besieged with significant problems. Among these are the current situation of the economy (despite the fact that there are some positive numbers), political polarization, race relations, national security, cyber espionage, illegal immigration, gun control, and reproductive rights.

However, it is arguable that an even more significant worry, at least for a substantial majority of the public, is the fact that the democratic framework of the nation itself was put in jeopardy under the administration of Trump 2.0.

Donald Trump Wins 2024 Presidential Election

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Concerns are not without basis in reality. Despite the fact that there is no evidence to support his claim, President Donald Trump  continues to insist that the 2020 election was stolen from him by Democrats on the far left and the fake news media. It is impossible for anyone to forget that on January 6, 2021, he successfully incited his angry fans, some of whom were armed, to attack Capitol Hill (Parliament) and make their voices known. We engage in a fierce battle.

Presidential Election 2024: If Donald Trump Wins
Presidential Election 2024: If Donald Trump Wins

“And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore,” he urged the gathering, which was already overflowing with excitement. What transpired was so shocking that it shook the nation and stunned people all across the world. Mike Pence, who had previously served as Vice President, and a number of other congressional leaders were spared from suffering any kind of physical harm.

Donald Trump  is far from being apologetic about all of his sins of omission and commission, which include sexual assaults, attempted insurrection, tax evasion, defamation, unauthorized acquisition of private documents, and misuse of office. He has been brazen about all of these things. Currently, this person is facing 91 criminal charges, which would have led to their conviction, humiliation, and incarceration by this time if they were a lower mortal. Not Donald Trump , however. It would appear like nothing could penetrate his Teflon exterior.

He is able to deflect any and all accusations by playing the victim and berating the establishment for unfairly targeting him. He possesses the remarkable ability to dodge any and all accusations. In fact, he has been successful in consolidating, if not expanding, his following among Republican voters, who appear to have a conviction in him that is nearly like that of a Messianic figure.

They disregard any and all proof that he is responsible for the crime and take in everything he conveys to them, regardless of whether or not it is true. Their unwavering support for Donald Trump  is unfathomable, and their irrational intolerance of opposing viewpoints is frightening. It has become so severe that families have been torn apart and friends have become adversaries as a result of the political division that has developed in the country.

The concept of “agreeing to disagree” is complete and utterly inconceivable. A highly American attitude prevails, which can be summarized as follows: “If you are not with me, you are against me.” There is a growing trend toward the extinction of moderate Republican leaders, which is a species that is getting increasingly endangered.

Despite the fact that he has been involved in politics for almost a decade, it is still impossible to understand what is known as “the Donald Trump  charisma.” The majority of his support base is comprised of middle-income, non-college, and older white men who feel dispossessed, short-changed, and unhappy with politicians, governance, immigrants, and big business.

Donald Trump

He has been successful in tapping into the anxieties, anger, and aspirations of his voter base. Ironically, he has developed such a strong connection with the aforementioned portion of the population, despite the fact that he is a multibillionaire and a beneficiary of precisely the system that he is so vocal about criticizing.

The second term of his presidency is expected to be considerably more contentious and disruptive than the first. A commitment to “root out the communists, Marxists, fascists, and radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country” is something that he has made. In order to “close the border and to drill, drill, drill,” he desires to fulfill his dream of becoming a dictator “for one day.”

This is in reference to putting a stop to the flow of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico and extracting a significantly greater quantity of oil and gas, despite the fact that the country is an exporter of energy. In a public statement, Vice President Biden stated that “revenge and retribution” would be taken against anyone who opposed Donald Trump  return.

His pursuit of unchecked power without any safeguards is much more alarming. His attorneys have claimed in federal court that, without Senate impeachment, the US president is completely free from prosecution for any actions taken while in office. “You’re saying a president could sell pardons, could sell military secrets, and could order SEAL Team Six to assassinate a political rival?” the judge asked in response to the absurd claim. By postponing the court case, Donald Trump  is attempting to buy time in the hopes of later pardoning himself when he returns to the White House.

He is still the frontrunner, but his legal problems are getting worse. Because of his effort to stage an uprising against the United States, which is illegal under the Constitution’s 14th Amendment, the states of Colorado and Maine have excluded him from the primary election.

Donald Trump

The term “insurrection” is not well defined, and it is unclear if it includes the nation’s president. The federal Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal against the decision starting on February 8; six of the nine justices are Republican appointees, including three that Trump has appointed. A lot of analysts think they would overturn the disqualification. A prompt decision is anticipated.

Should Donald Trump win the presidency again, there would be far-reaching effects on a national and international level. He may cause the nation to become more inward-looking with his MAGA (Make America Great Again) campaign slogan. Trade and immigration restrictions might increase. The United States may once again withdraw from efforts to combat climate change. Its position on the Middle East, NATO, and the crisis in Ukraine, for instance, may change.

Despite the positive rapport that exists between PM Modi and Donald Trump, India may not necessarily be happy about his homecoming. Recall in 2019 how, ever unpredictable, he attempted to arbitrate a dispute between India and Pakistan the day following the hugely successful “Howdy Modi” event in Houston, where Trump received accolades.

What will probably happen in the rematch between Biden and Donald Trump ?

Donald Trump

Biden is the oldest candidate for president in American history, at 81 years old. He is thought to be mentally and physically weak. In opinion polls, he is performing badly, receiving less than 35% of favorable votes. Political analysts claim that no president in office who has an approval rating in the 30s has ever been re-elected. An alternative democratic nominee might alter the course of events.

Donald Trump is predicted to easily win if elections were held today. He has cash in his war chest and wind in his sails. A genuine competitor in an American election must fund more than one billion dollars, making them frighteningly costly.

With a historic thirty percent margin of victory over his party rivals, Donald Trump  recently emerged victorious in the Iowa primary. However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that, as a result of the harsh winter, just 14% of Republican voters—who are mostly supporters of Trump—showed up. Furthermore, if he were found guilty in a criminal trial—which is conceivable but not likely—his candidacy would be deemed untenable. It is significant statistically that since 1776, there has only been one former president who succeeded in making a comeback, Grover Cleveland.

This is the unpleasant situation that the oldest democracy in the world finds itself in. Nevertheless, the United States has a fantastic track record of beating the odds, and it’s possible that it will this time as well.



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