New Ahsoka Lightsabers Disprove A Popular Kanan Jarrus Theory

A widely held belief about a possible allusion to Kanan Jarrus in the Ahsoka TV series has been disproven. Some of the more elaborate props from the upcoming Ahsoka series were on display at San Diego Comic-Con 2023. The five characters’ unique lightsabers were on exhibit, and they rightfully stole the show. These lightsabers included those used by the new Inquisitor, Marrok, the mystery villain Baylan Skoll, Ahsoka Tano’s famous dual lightsabers, Sabine Wren, and even Baylan’s pupil, Shin Hati. It was speculated that either of the later two characters owned Kanan Jarrus’ lightsaber, making the latter two lightsabers all the more intriguing.

Tragically, a fuel tank explosion took the life of Kanan Jarrus, a survivor of Order 66 and a Jedi who joined the Rebellion. Kanan resolves to give his life for his allies in “Jedi Night,” episode 10 of Star Wars Rebels season 4. Imperial Governor Pryce obtained Kanan’s lightsaber after the destruction of the Imperial fuel store, and he submitted it to Grand Admiral Thrawn as evidence of Kanan’s death. However, what became of his lightsaber after that is a mystery. It’s conceivable that Pryce still had it in her custody when the Imperial facility on Lothal was destroyed with her in it; however, it’s possible that she stored it elsewhere beforehand, leading some to believe that Sabine or Shin Hati are using Kanan’s lightsaber in the Ahsoka episode.


Sabine and Shin are using distinct lightsabers, as evidenced by the SDCC lightsaber showcase. Fans may have been excited about the concept because Shin’s lightsaber in the Ahsoka teaser appeared similar to Kanan’s (particularly the circular disc separating the grip from the emitter). Shin’s design is clearly her own, with a bright material around the handle and three metal prongs connecting to the emitter. In contrast, Kanan’s lightsaber had a darker, removable grip and a single, elongated, rounded metal plate that served as the emitter.


Sabine Wren was one of the three persons Kanan Jarrus saved from the Imperial fuel depot, and it would have been nice if she had used his lightsaber. When Kanan’s Padawan, Ezra Bridger, disappeared into the void of space with Grand Admiral Thrawn in the season finale of Rebels, he left his lightsaber with the robot Chopper and, by extension, Sabine. Sabine is still wielding Ezra’s lightsaber, however she made a small alteration to make it more her own during SDCC, possibly to remember her other friend who passed away.

It makes reasonable that Sabine, an engineer and an artist, would wish to modify her lightsaber to better fit her purposes. However, she has made a small adjustment by placing two circular metal plates around the emitter. This modification was obviously developed with Kanan’s lightsaber in mind, although its potential utility is currently unknown. A plate of same shape was fitted to the emitter of his lightsaber.Sabine’s motivation for wanting to use this lightsaber to commemorate Ezra and Kanan makes perfect sense.

She had been close to them, but they suddenly vanished from her life over the course of just a few days. By repurposing Ezra’s old lightsaber and giving it a modification similar to Kanan’s, she may pay tribute to their legacies and connections while also showcasing her own creativity. She learned how to use a lightsaber from Kanan and Ezra, and from the looks of the Ahsoka show, she’s taken their teachings to heart.

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