Neil Gaiman Writes a Letter to Sandman Fans as Production on Season 2 Continues

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Netflix has revealed that the second season of Sandman is once again in production.

In a message to readers commemorating the renowned graphic novel’s 35th anniversary, Sandman writer Neil Gaiman hinted that “wonderful things are coming” in tandem with the announcement.

Neil Gaiman Pens Letter to Sandman Fans as Season 2 Resumes Production - IGN

From Neil Gaiman in Letter:
Dreams have no idea where they will go. Today marks 35 years since the first issue of The Sandman was published, sending many characters and individuals on paths that looked, even at the time, to be too implausible to be true. Back then, superheroes appeared in most comic books. That was not Sandman. It wasn’t like anything else, but somehow, through a combination of hard effort, naivety, and a few pivotal individuals who shared the vision, we were granted the chance to realise my mental tale and bring Morpheus and the rest of the Endless to life.When the biggest storm in at least 500 years hit in October 1987, trapping my family in our little hamlet with fallen trees and leaving my house without electricity, I spent the next few years drafting an outline for the first eight issues of Sandman. That was a little over 36 years ago.
The first issue of Sandman appeared in comic book stores in November 1988, thirteen months later.

Netflix's The Sandman is back for season 2 - with a personal note from Neil  Gaiman | HELLO!

I see one distinct route stretching behind me, just like those who stroll in Destiny’s garden. Throughout this trip, there were moments when it appeared there was no way ahead. I don’t think I could have predicted the influence these characters would have on people, much alone the globe. However, I don’t notice any darkness when I glance ahead at the trail. I see how The Sandman’s universe keeps expanding, changing, and taking on new shapes.
We formally began work on The Sandman’s next series of stories for Netflix this week. These stories are being brought to life by the many individuals in front of and behind the camera, led by the brilliant show runner Allan Heinberg.

We are about to go on a voyage that will take us from the Garden of Destiny to Hell, from the Heart of the Dreaming to revolutionary France and Ancient Greece, and even beyond than I can ever fathom on screen. I’ll exercise patience. Positive things are on the horizon.

The Sandman Season 2 Production Resumes, Featuring a Fresh BTS Look | The  Nerd Stash
In the meanwhile, Mason Alexander Park, who portrays Desire, and Tom Sturridge, who plays Dream, were pictured together behind the scenes on the set by Netflix. London is where The Sandman is now filming. There isn’t currently a release window.

The Sandman, a godlike personification that governs over people’s dreams in a place known as the Dreaming, had its premiere on August 5, 2022, and received critical acclaim for its adaptation of the popular Neil Gaiman comic book series that followed Dream.

Ten episodes make up the first season, which is based entirely on storylines from the comic books. Two weeks after the first season began, a special two-part eleventh episode was made available.

In our review, IGN awarded The Sandman a 9, calling it an adaptation that fans “could only conjure up in their deepest of sleeps.”

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