Mission: Impossible 7 doesn’t do as well at the box office as Margot Robbie’s Barbie does.

Title: Barbie vs. Oppenheimer: Hollywood Blockbusters Set the Box Office Ablaze!

After an action-packed opening weekend, all eyes were on the anticipated clash between the highly anticipated films, Barbie and Oppenheimer, as they entered their first weekday at the box office. Fans and critics alike were eager to see how these big releases would fare on a typical workday, and both films did not disappoint. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s Barbie and Cillian Murphy’s Oppenheimer proved to be formidable contenders, achieving remarkable milestones in just a few days.

With the end of the first four days, both Hollywood biggies had struck gold, dominating the global box office and outshining other concurrent releases. The Margot Robbie-starrer Barbie hit an astounding $400 million milestone, while the Cillian Murphy-led thriller, Oppenheimer, crossed the $200 million mark worldwide.

According to a report by Deadline, Barbie amassed a whopping $414.4 million at the worldwide box office within the first four days, including preview screenings. Notably, $226.3 million of this impressive sum came from overseas markets, showcasing the film’s international appeal. Surpassing the previous record holder, Mission: Impossible 7, which had collected $373.08 million, Barbie emerged as the new champion at the global box office. The musical fantasy not only won the hearts of moviegoers but also earned Warner Bros. the title of the best overseas and domestic Monday performer.

Meanwhile, Oppenheimer, the historical thriller featuring Cillian Murphy, made an impressive debut with a worldwide box office earning of $209.3 million by Monday. Of this amount, $114.2 million was generated from overseas markets, proving the film’s global popularity.


What sets both of these movies apart is their ability to maintain steady momentum at the box office. Barbie experienced a minimal drop of only 37% in ticket sales from its Sunday figures, showcasing the film’s strong word-of-mouth and audience engagement. On the other hand, Oppenheimer’s decline was even less, with a mere 16% dip compared to its Sunday performance, further solidifying its box office potential.

The clash between Barbie and Oppenheimer stirred up conversations across social media platforms, with fans passionately supporting their favorite stars and films. As the box office numbers continued to soar, both films proved their mettle by captivating audiences worldwide and creating waves in the film industry.


It’s worth noting that box office numbers are based on estimates and various sources and have not been independently verified by Koimoi, the media outlet providing this exciting update. However, it’s evident from the overwhelming success and buzz around both films that they have made an indelible impact on the global entertainment scene.

As the competition between Barbie and Oppenheimer rages on, movie enthusiasts and industry insiders eagerly await further updates and box office achievements. The success of these two Hollywood blockbusters has undoubtedly set the stage for a new era of filmmaking and reaffirmed the power of captivating storytelling and star-studded casts.

In conclusion, the clash between Barbie and Oppenheimer has proven to be a thrilling and memorable event in the world of cinema. Both films have exceeded expectations and crossed significant milestones, cementing their places as major players in the global box office race. As the excitement continues to build, it is clear that both Barbie and Oppenheimer will leave a lasting legacy in the annals of Hollywood history.