Judge Orders Trump Attorney to Quit Reading Tweets Aloud in Frustration

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Donald Trump’s criminal method in his defamation trial apparently hinges on reading imply tweets aloud within the courtroom.

Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba finished move-inspecting E. Jean Carroll on Thursday. Presiding decide Lewis Kaplan has already ruled that Trump defamed Carroll after sexually assaulting her, so the trial is simply to determine how a lot Trump owes her in damages. Carroll is seeking at the least $10 million.

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At some point of her pass exam, Habba sought to show that humans commenced abusing Carroll on line before Trump made his defamatory remarks. To again up her argument, Habba repeatedly read aloud imply tweets about Carroll.

Habba study out a comment that accused Carroll of “making up fake news” when she found out that Trump had sexually assaulted her inside the mid-1990s. any other tweet said, “Drop this lie.”

Some other tweet known as Carroll a “lying sack of shit,” and a fourth stated her as a “pathetic liar.” Habba examine every of those tweets one by one.


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Kaplan sincerely grew tired of Habba’s approach, sooner or later saying he would just admit the rest into proof if there had been no objections. “You’ve taken sufficient time in this,” he stated.

However Habba pressed on, studying out a tweet that stated, “You’re a shaggy dog story, no person could [willingly] touch your unpleasant ass.”

While Kaplan advised her to transport on, Habba driven again. “i’m able to’t ask about them?” she stated. “With all due recognize—”

“With all due appreciate,” Kaplan cut her off, “when I rule, you go on.”

This is the 1/3 time in as many days that Habba has indignant Kaplan. the 2 repeatedly butted heads on Wednesday over Habba’s disruptive behavior in the court. And for the duration of beginning statements on Tuesday, Habba nearly at once violated the rules Kaplan had set about what Trump’s team can and cannot say.

Kaplan issued an order final week barring Trump and his attorneys from saying certain matters. they may be prohibited from making comments approximately Carroll’s “beyond romantic relationships, sexual disposition, and prior sexual experiences,” and that they can not argue that Trump did not sexually abuse or rape Carroll or act with actual malice while making his remarks about her.


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