Jennifer Aniston turns to Justin Theroux for comfort after her father dies.

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After the passing of her father, John Aniston, the heartbroken Jennifer Aniston found peace and comfort in her ex-husband Justin Theroux.

The actor from The Morning Show has not yet moved on from the death of her father, and she maintains frequent connection with his close friends as well as her ex-husband in an effort to seek assistance from them.

According to the information provided by a source, Jennifer frequently phones John’s co-stars on Days of Our Lives and celebrates their birthdays in an effort to grieve from the loss of her father, who passed away in November 2022 at the age of 89.

An insider commented on Jennifer’s relationship with Justin, with whom she was married for two years before they divorced in 2017, saying that she “is being comforted by Justin Theroux with daily phone calls.”


Jennifer has reportedly given gifts to her late father’s friends, as well as contacted them, remembered their birthdays, and been an all-around nice person, according to Jennifer’s late father’s friends.


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According to the insider, “she has been extremely generous and has had his friends up to her house for parties to talk about the good old days with John.”

Jennifer and her father had a poor relationship for the majority of Jennifer’s life; however, they did manage to reunite in the years leading up to her father’s passing.

After he passed away, she was dealt a second blow when she learned that the producers of the soap opera with the longest running character were intending to have John’s character die in a plane crash. This was the most recent blow she had received.


Jennifer despises being on airplanes, thus the fact that she is forced to do so has irritated her, but what else can she do? The insider claimed that they needed to provide an explanation for the death of Victor on the show.

The source went on to say that “The funeral show is expected to air sometime late August, early September.”

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