Ja Morant Issues 4-Word Warning To The Rest Of The NBA

Ja Morant, the top point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, will not be playing in any of the opening games of the 2023–24 NBA regular season since he has been suspended.

Morant was handed a ban as a result of his off-court behavior, which included his being seen flashing guns in a casual manner, which might be seen as showboating. This was one of the reasons why his behavior off the court was deemed unacceptable.

However, the Grizzlies’ best player appears to be making it his mission to get back into top physical shape.

Ja Morant

On Sunday, Morant demonstrated to the rest of the league what not to do and acted as a cautionary example.

“everything is being noted,” was the only thing he needed to say at that point.

The fact that Morant clearly deserved to be punished despite this does not diminish, however, the fact that everything else is in order. And taking into consideration the fact that other players, such as Gilbert Arenas, have been given penalties in the past, it is a bit of a godsend for Morant that it wasn’t even more serious that he was given.

Ja Morant

When Morant does ultimately make it back to the court, it will be quite interesting to see what he looks like when he does so.