India achieved in a few years with technology what took others a generation: PM Modi

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On Friday, December 8, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that India aims to make significant progress in Artificial Intelligence to enable its people. He also stated that it won’t be a stretch to say that the nation has accomplished in a few years what other countries have taken generations to accomplish through technology.

The Prime Minister said that India is ready to play a significant role in the development of artificial intelligence as the world fast approaches the year 2023 in a LinkedIn post inviting people to the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence Summit 2023, which he described as an exciting program celebrating innovations and advancements in AI.

few years with technology what took

He noted that India is among the newest countries and that it has a thriving startup ecosystem and skilled labor force. It also provides solutions thatHe said that India, one of the newest countries, has a thriving start-up ecosystem and a skilled labor force, and that it provides solutions that are globally replicable, scalable, secure, and inexpensive.

Mr. Modi stated that one of India’s most innovative initiatives is the country’s Digital Public Infrastructure initiative.With the aid of technology, India and its people have advanced significantly over the past nine to ten years. It won’t be hyperbole to state that India accomplished in a few years what other nations took a generation,” the prime minister declared.PM Modi continued, “This was made possible by the rapid adoption of mobile devices, internet connectivity, and scalable models for digital inclusion.”

AI is used by India to record its 121 languages.
In a similar vein, India hopes to make significant strides in AI to empower its people. Whether it’s providing language assistance to citizens or streamlining and customizing education.”The Prime Minister mentioned that India is employing AI for a variety of beneficial uses while discussing the objectives of improving access to healthcare and educating farmers.

few years with technology what took

According to Mr. Modi, the world is seeing that India develops in order to guarantee an inclusive and equitable growth model.India innovates in order to make sure thatIn the same vein, Mr. Modi continued, India has steered the application of AI towards the advancement of humanity by fostering international understanding and a supportive environment.The Prime Minister said that decades of rapid innovation and the strength of human endeavor have brought to life things that were previously thought to be exclusively the stuff of fiction, stating that we are living in an extremely interesting time.

He added that in this frenzy of fast development, artificial intelligence (AI) is one field where its applications are growing exponentially. This ground-breaking technology is now in the hands of a new generation of bright, young minds who are quickly realizing its enormous potential…According to the Prime Minister, it is essential to have platforms like the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), of which India is a co-founder. To promote the ethical development and application of AI, the EU and its 28 member countries comprise the GPAI.

According to the prime minister, India has made major contributions to GPAI since its founding in June 2020 and has actively participated in a number of initiatives to promote the creation, application, and adoption of open, safe, secure, and accountable artificial intelligence.

“India’s commitment to Safe and Trusted AI is demonstrated by its election to this Council in November 2022. In its role as Lead Chair of the GPAI, India reiterates its dedication to utilizing technology, especially artificial intelligence, for the betterment of humanity, guaranteeing that countries in the Global South

few years with technology what took

“India’s commitment to Safe and Trusted AI is demonstrated by its election to this Council in November 2022. As the GPAI’s Lead Chair, India reaffirmed its dedication to using technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), for the benefit of people and to make sure that countries in the Global South would not be the last to benefit from it “said the speaker.

Mr. Modi asserted that India is committed to paving the way for a legal framework that guarantees trustworthy and safe AI, adding that it will unite all countries for its widespread and long-lasting adoption.He continued, “There will be a lot of interesting sessions at the summit, like the AI Expo, where 150 startups will showcase their strengths.”

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